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Game Dev Tycoon

This is a unique game but not an original creation. Game Dev Tycoon (GDT) is a business simulation game where the focus of this game is to manage a game company. The basic idea is borrowed or inspired heavily from Game Dev Story by Kairosoft. While GDS set as sandbox simulation game with small scale, as their platforms are only in iOS and Android, GDT simply enhanced the experience by adding more realistic mechanism and realistic approach. Greenheart Games as the developer of this game successfully simulate how game developer’s life would be in real life.

Those who have played GDS will have no difficulties or take more times to understand how the game works, but this is GDS in steroids. GDT is a difficult game to be played (or in this sense, to be managed) because this game basically enlarge what Kairosoft had done from their game, in larger and realistic scale. The gameplay is simple and very addictive, at the same time, difficult and can be frustrating.This is not a game for newbie, this is a game for those who appreciate the world of video games in general.

The developer of the game knows how to add easter eggs, real life references, even absurd jokes implemented on the gameplay. From game console parody to scam/fraud mail reference, this game is so familiar to those who follow the history of video games since the era of Commodore 64 until today.

Yes, this game is not for beginner. Easy in gameplay but difficult in finishing it. For a game with price tag of $8, this game really worth the price.

Score: 4 out of 5


All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 (Nintendo DS)

Just a short review.

This is the follow-up sequel from last year Kamen Rider hit on Nintendo DS platform, now contains more than 50 Kamen Riders ranging from different forms and power-ups to be played.

Basically a beat ’em up game at its finest. Choose two riders, one to be controlled and another to assist by AI, pick up the mission that depend on the level, and then kick some butts almost endlessly until further notice by Kengo Utahoshi as player guide. The gameplay is so simple and the interface is easy to navigate even with heavy Japanese texts filling up the screen. Players will find no difficulties in navigating and beating up this game.

Ordinary players may find this game is not appealing enough, but for Kamen Rider fans, this is a must have and must play. This game is truly fan-orientation judging from all features that familiar as seen on the series themselves. This game is not for hardcore players and may find the missions are boring and lack of variations and challenges. Also, generic gameplay mixed up with generic background music (no familiar music, tunes, or even theme songs from the series are available) proved to be a little bit disaster. Seriously, this game looks like a no-brainer fan pleasing generic series’ adaptation just like others.

Score: 3 out of 5

Hanya sebuah tinjauan pendek.

Permainan ini merupakan sekuel dari game Kamen Rider sebelumnya yang hadir di Nintendo DS, sekarang dengan pilihan lebih dari 50 Kamen Rider yang bisa dimainkan dari berbagai form dan kekuatan.

Permainan ini tipikal beat ’em up. Pilih dua rider, yang satu untuk dimainkan sementara yang satunya lagi adalah karakter yang dikendalikan oleh komputer, hajar sana-sini sampai ada instruksi dari Kengo Utahoshi yang membantu mengarahkan pemain. Permainannya sangat sederhana dan antar-mukanya sangat mudah untuk dijelajahi bahkan dengan layar penuh dengan huruf-huruf bahasa Jepang. Pemain tidak akan kesulitan sama sekali dalam memainkan dan menamatkan permainan ini.

Pemain biasa mungkin melihat permainan ini kurang menarik, namun bagi penggemar Kamen Rider ini wajib dimainkan. Orientasi permainan ini sangat mengarah pada penggemar dilihat dari berbagai fitur yang sangat familiar muncul dari serialnya. Permainan ini bukan ditujukan untuk pemain hardcore dan mungkin menganggap misi-misi yang ada sangat membosankan tanpa variasi dan tantangan. Lalu permainan yang biasa-biasa saja dicampur dengan musik latar yang juga biasa-biasa saja (tanpa musik dan lagu tema asli dari serialnya) agaknya membuat permainan ini sedikit buruk. Permainan ini bagaikan adaptasi biasa-biasa saja yang ditujukan untuk penggemar tanpa perlu banyak berpikir dalam memainkannya, seperti umumnya permainan-permainan adaptasi lainnya.

Nilai: 3 dari 5

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