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Cyberverse TF Prime Ultra Magnus & Quickblade Bumblebee

Excuse me for my laziness here. I feel this review lacks a lot of things.

So, the reason I bought both figures came from the fact that Bumblebee spotted having new paintjob and *spoiler alert* Ultra Magnus appears in the third episode of Beast Hunters. How did I know? I can’t be patient and watched bad quality of the first three episodes of TF Prime season 3 that uploaded on YouTube. Before being premiered in USA (March 22nd), Okto channel Singapore already aired them in form of movie (episodic compilation).

When I saw Ultra Magnus I can’t help but wondering he will be a jerk (just like Sentinel Prime from Animated version), but it turns out that Ultra Magnus is just a mere soldier and speaks in military code. He is temporary in command to replace Optimus Prime whose body is in a very bad shape (please, please, give new body or the toys will be useless).

Also Bumblebee has new paintjob and I find it’s perfectly suited him. So, in order to complete my TF Prime Autobot collection, I have to take both Cyberverse versions and somehow I am quite disappointed.

Ultra Magnus’ vehicle mode is a fire truck. Wait, a blue fire truck? That’s ridiculous. And also this figure is really out of scale. It’s okay if compared to legion class figures, but with the same commander class size? Oh my, Ultra Magnus in vehicle mode is gigantic, not to mention the truck is not that inspiring.

Transformation-wise is ridiculously easy. Less than 5 steps I think. I will not discuss much considering Cyberverse figures are made with easier transformation.

Oh my, the robot mode is fragile. It is not show-accurate and to my surprise, the joint is not as tight as other Cyberverse figures. Maybe it’s only my own UM, but I saw other reviews claiming the same problem. And that problem itself contributed to why my photos here are lacking something. I don’t know how to pose him. Also, the hammer cannot be held by the figure tightly because it has strange opened-hand peg. Did I say, I hate translucent weapon?

Oh my, although I do like the design, but this is not what I have expected. This figure should be better. Not to count the articulation is decent and as I said earlier, I can’t pose him at all. I don’t know how to take pictures because he is way too inferior compared to Beast Hunters Optimus Prime.

And for Quickblade Bumblebee, not much to say except I like the vehicle mode (the paint job is perfect) but I hate the robot mode (almost a brick, due to limited articulation).

Oh, that sweet sweet little sport car.

Aw, that ugly ugly brick….

Yes, Bumblebee comes with translucent sword similar to Rachet’s sword, but I am already too lazy to take pictures because he is not poseable at all. 

I bought these only for the sake of completeness. And I know I expected too much.


Deluxe Class TF Generations FoC Ultra Magnus

This figure is a retool from FoC Optimus Prime with new paint job, new head sculpt, and new sword that can be combined with his ion blaster. Overall this figure is good on its own. The color is great, much better applied to Ultra Magnus than Prime himself. And the reason why I bought this? It’s the weapon that matters, a lot!

I don’t talk much about the transformation because it’s the same, no more no less. But the highlight of this figure are his head, his color, and his sword. I am pretty sure that the sword is the same sword Optimus used during his final battle against Megatron on the game. But the red color of the sword is not matching the red color of Optimus. Still, the sword itself is that great and can be combined into bigger sword if the blaster attached. Other than that, it’s your basic Prime figure named Ultra Magnus. And yes, his design is different from the game. Sadly, Ultra Magnus is just a DLC character, not involved in the story at all.

If you already have FoC Optimus, maybe this figure is easy to pass. But the sword is very tempting. If you don’t have FoC Optimus yet, pick this one instead. Still, they look nice when they are together.