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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Series)

Gundam AGE is a perfect example of how everything should not be messed up from the beginning. The biased of how the series is just a commercial to sell toys (gunpla) is not too aplicable here. While the toy sales seems good, the series suffers a lot of issues.

The idea was actually promising. Combining elements from Universal Century mixed up with three generations lineage are fresh, something new for a Gundam franchise. But Gundam AGE already suffered major complain, the series design is way too “kiddie”. Whether this thing contributed greatly to the series or not, still this found by some people to be an annoying element.

The storyline at the beginning run too slow, notably from character developments. It takes 15 episodes, interrupted by Zalam vs Euba conflict that did not help at all, to overturn this slow progression. Starting episode 16, everything runs way too fast. Now the other way around happened. So many characters only appear within 1-4 episodes and perished without development. From slow into no development is surprising for a Gundam series.

The worst part came at the last generation. While the MS designs at their finest, the progression of the storyline went nowhere. Everything made in a rush, confusing messed up conflict,

Gundam AGE returns the “naive black and white character” previously ommited from Gundam 00 (saves for Saji Crossroad, which is not a true main character). Some viewers already had enough with Kira Yamato and everything that ruined Gundam SEED Destiny. While Flit Asuno and Asemu Asuno treated greatly for their character develeopments, Kio Asuno got nothing but being immature childish annoying philosophy for such war scale happened between Earth Federation and Vagan. And to sum up the whole series’ disaster, the ending is fast (made in a rush), predictable, wasted conclusion, and cheap attempt to replicate the glorious cooperations seen from episode 17 of Gundam 00’s second season.

There are some good parts can be noticed from this series. Good “if not great” MS and battleship designs, cute character designs, some Universal Century references or easter eggs, awesome MS fighting scenes, and sad memorable scenes which repetitive for a Gundam series, still capturing viewers’ emotion.

Overall, a bad series. Still enjoyable but can be boring easily.

Score: 2 out of 5