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Legend Class TF Generations Optimus Prime & Roller

Hasbro releases this set as a part of Thrilling 30 Transformers. This Optimus Prime has a design taken from IDW comics of their own G1. This set not only gives Optimus but also Roller, in form of a SUV, which is a triple-changer. I have to say this is a sweet deal although Roller is not a mobile drone anymore. I don’t mind as long as the playability of this set is great. Also, while the box said this set (especially for Optimus Prime) is legend class, but the size is actually for commander class (a little bit bigger than common scout / legend class we used to know). For me, that’s a good decision because now I can pose him together with other Cyberverse Prime’s figures.

Optimus Prime in vehicle mode is quite good, but I am really curious about why no smokestacks there. I feel a big truck without smokestacks is a minus point for me. It looks good but feels unrealistic for me.

Transforming Optimus from vehicle into robot mode is pretty generic but solid as those who are familiar with Optimus Prime conversion mechanism will have little to zero problem. And unlike previous legend class G1 Optimus Prime, we have no fake grills anymore (hurray!!!). And here we have IDW’s incarnation of G1 Optimus Prime.

Optimus in robot mode feels like an update version of old-good G1 Optimus Prime with modern touch. The chest part reveals Autobots logo and the shoulder parts can be expanded. It’s trivial but cool anyway.

This Optimus has good-range of articulations for its size. It has joints on vital points (head, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees) which are very satisfying, even better than Cyberverses’ counterpart.

As for Roller itself in vehicle mode, a good-in scale SUV to be compared with Optimus in size. Optimus’ ion blaster can also be attached here. Well, I like this Roller, looks cute but deadly at the same time. Robot mode? Hmmm, not too shabby but I feel vehicle mode is better (contrary to Optimus Prime now). How about blaster mode? It sucks, seriously. I’m not convinced enough that Roller in blaster mode is actually a kind of weapon. But there’s no room for me to complain regarding the size of this toy.

Roller as blaster makes Optimus top-heavy. No, it’s not teribble, but not that great either. Still, having a big blaster makes this set worth the value. I like it so much, the playability of this set is great.

This set has two undocumented features which surprised me a lot. Roller can be attached at the back of Optimus’ truck mode and (this one is sweet sweet sweet feature) Roller can be attached to Optimus in robot mode to become its jetpack, complete with long blaster. What a feature! Yes, maybe it’s just my imagination, but this small feature makes me appreciate this set a lot. Does it make Roller a quadruple-changer?

This set is a must have. I have nothing to complain, has great features, solid transformations, lots of playabilities, and satisfying gimmick. Get it!


Revoltech 019 Convoy / Optimus Prime

Transformers figure without transforming gimmick is a strange case. Without it, what is the best thing to offer? The answer is rather simple: good-range articulations!

In the past, G1 Optimus Prime or Convoy toys merely about conversion between truck mode and robot mode. While the truck is somehow accurate, the robot mode suffered poor articulations. The figure is not poseable, even almost a brick. Fortunately, toys mechanism developed greatly as we have Masterpiece Optimus Prime with great looking truck and poseable robot.

But, in a strange twist, previously there was a non-transforming Optimus Prime with satisfying articulations. It wasn’t Hasbro or Takara that created such great figure. Kaiyodo produced this as the 19th entry of their Revoltech figure, licensed by Takara, called Cybertron Commander Convoy.

This figure is amazing. Convoy is sculpted in a very good proportion. Convoy or Optimus Prime looks very very cool. Kaiyodo translated the greatness of Optimus Prime commanding Autobots with great details. There are so many possibilities posing this figure as it has Revoltech joints to accommodate the poseabilities.

This figure gives hand replacements for specific poses, ion blaster, and Matrix of Leadership. My only complain? It’s too bad they didn’t include energon axe as the accessory. Instead we have a useless Matrix of Leadership for no purposes at all. Also, it didn’t include any stand base which is actually necessary for such figure. Other than that, I am so happy to finally get this rare item. It was released in 2007 and I didn’t this figure back at that time when it was still cheap.

On a funny note, although this figure is very poseable, I love to pose him standing without much articulated movements there. I don’t know, I just love posing him this simple.

This figure is a must for Optimi collectors. Kaiyodo done the job well!

Titanium Die-Cast War Within Optimus Prime

This figure is a “hit and miss”.

Having die-cast as material for a figure is not always something good. While die-cast indicates a “premium”, expensive, or anything that is considered more than just a usual figure, this War Within Optimus Prime feels the same, if not worse.

 The idea is good, but the implementation is yet to be expected. There are lots of improvement could be done yet Hasbro seems didn’t give enough love for this release.

The design is taken from Dreamwave comic’s incarnation of Optimus Prime entitled “War Within” with Optimus Prime in his Cybertronian form. To be honest, I like this vehicle mode better than FoC version, but still, WfC version is the best for me when discussing Cybertronian form of him. In vehicle mode, everything is done right.

Transforming this figure is relatively easy as I don’t need to show how. In fact, I want to point out why this figure is a failure. Having die-cast for his body while plastic for the joint is a terrible decision. It wobbles badly.

The design in robot mode looks freaking cool. But again, this figure suffers a lot from die-cast material that makes it very difficult to pose. To make it worse, it has limited articulation for such deluxe class size.

In the end, my opinion in this figure is very simple. It’s very very good to be displayed but very very bad to be played. Which is why I feel this figure is a hit and miss. Now I know why people prefer to keep this figure intact on the box.

Smallest Transforming Transformers Optimus Prime (KO)

Another Optimus Prime collection, and this one is the smallest ever.

I thought legend class is already small enough but this one deserve the name smallest because it’s so small, not only this is the smallest Transformers figure I own, it’s the smallest mecha figure I collect.

Year 2009, I saw this figure (original Takara version) when there was Transformers toys exhibition in a local mall (I wasn’t in my hometown. It was the time when I was still studying for my master degree in Jakarta), and I just love this one. It’s very small yet retains all gimmicks from the original toy (G1 Optimus Prime). But I heard at that time, Smallest Transforming Transformers Optimus Prime (mistakenly called World Smallest Transformers or WST), until now, is a rare figure and expensive as hell. So getting the original toy is an impossible task for me who always put budget issue first when buying toys.

Then, I heard there is knock-off version of this STT Optimus Prime made by HeeroToysMaker and my friend can import this one. But I have to wait almost one month because the delivery went nowhere until it finally arrives. So here it is, STT Optimus Prime.

Vehicle mode, it’s Peterbilt truck with trailer, the iconic alt form of G1 Optimus Prime. I have nothing to complain, in fact, it’s the strongest feature of this figure rather than its robot mode.

The trailer can be opened up and we have everything here. Repair module with tiny winy Roller. Repair module can be moved although it is limited. And strangely, this figure gives two ion blasters, one for Roller and one for Optimus himself. I don’t know why but that’s a great addition. Yes, Roller needs that blaster because the size is so small, it needs something significant.

Transforming the truck into robot mode is very very difficult……not.

This is Optimus Prime in his smallest G1 incarnation. I have nothing to complain also. Expecting articulations? No, everything that we need from this kind of figure is already there. Why need articulations for such small figure?

For Optimus-fetish, this is hard to resist. And this is funny for me, after buying the biggest Optimus Prime Masterpiece (yeah, MP-10, the biggest of my collection, not MP-4 which is even bigger) I got the smallest counterpart. Overall, as a knockoff toy, HeeroToysMakers really get the job well. I like it and I have no complain at all. It’s so rare that I don’t complain the figure.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime 2012 Toys R Us Exclusive

This is Hasbro version, not MP-10 Takara Tomy, and as far as I can say, Hasbro version is better.

This is my ultimate wishlist in collecting Transformers figures. To think that finally I can get this one is truly an achievement for me. This is one of the best if not “the best” G1 Optimus Prime ever made, surpassing previous MP-1 or MP-4 releases. Did I ever said that Classic  Optimus Prime / Henkei Convoy can surpass this quality. Let me correct it myself, nothing that can surpass this figure. This expensive, premium, high quality, ridiculous complete gimmicks, of Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime in his original incarnation, G1, is an amazing figure. This release gives us the figure, the trailer, roller, small Spike Witwicky figure, and weapons to add maximum values of playing. It’s the complete Transformers features ever done in one figure. It’s so complete that I might be missing several features that I have documented for this review. I’m so sorry if my review is not enough, until now I am still amazed how this figure surpassed my expectations. Even I have difficulties taking pictures of everything not because the figure itself, it’s just me who is being biased all the time and couldn’t concentrate well.

Getting this figure is a dramatic experience for me. There are so many people, until now. still targeting this Toys R Us exclusive. Check eBay and see the price of this figure if you don’t believe me.

What Optimus Prime would be without his trailer. Damn, this figure is very very very beautiful in vehicle mode. A semi truck with trailer based on Kenworth K100, this figure by far is the best representation of G1 Optimus Prime, better than any others. Thank you Hasbro, you just made so many fans happy and this release is worth the price (even cheaper than Takara Tomy MP-10 version). Just look at vehicle mode without considering other things here and there you have a big bad boy replica of semi truck.

The trailer itself has a lot of features. From repair module, weapon storage, Roller, ramp, hitches to stand the trailer without the truck, even the side-stands (to hold the trailer when opened) has automechanism. Lots of details here, just look at the mold. Whoever the designers are, they just made a masterpiece, hence the name.

The trailer can be opened (just like G1 original toy) and we have repair module. This trailer can store the weapon, extend the claw, Spike figure can be attached on the module itself. Oh man, so many features only from the trailer. Also, the module can be put outside the trailer by revealing small parts on both sides (check the photo later).

Optimus in his vehicle mode without a trailer is still great. A believable semi-truck, no robot kibble parts can be seen. The chrome on gas tank, smokestacks, tires, and the grill make this truck mode is a fantastic replication of Kenworth K100 ever. It also has side mirrors on both sides which are not that necessary but still add more values to this figure. Too bad, I forgot to unfold both. Also not to forget, the tires on this truck (and also the trailer) are rubber tires, not plastic. Spike can be attached here as well, though it’s strange to attach him by opening the window rather than the door. Still, having Spike drives the truck adds realism to the figure.

Transforming the figure is very complicated. To make it worse, I don’t have any instruction manual at all. I have checked the box but still nothing can be found. Luckily, the progress of transformation is your generic Optimus Prime G1 that is predictable. We still have fake grill, twisting torso, and twisting hands.

Optimus Prime arise!

In robot mode, Optimus Prime looks sleek, proportional, straight from G1 cartoon-esque. No kibble, and no vehicle parts can be seen. Ion blaster is stored at his backpack and can be unfold easily by pressing the white button on the blaster and voila, that menacing blaster is ready to arm Optimus.

Oh my, this figure is highly poseable. So many articulation points available here. What a great representation of Optimus Prime ever. Beside that Ion Blaster, it does come with energon axe that easily can be attached to his right hand. It looks cool.

Open the chest compartment and there it is, Matrix of Leadership which is made from die-cast metal. No Autobot is better to hold it except Optimus, not even Hot Rod. That matrix can be taken out but I rather not bother it.

On an interesting note, Prime’s head sculpt is better in Habro version. This one does have his eyes painted while Takara version doesn’t. And I think this kind of head sculpt makes Optimus look younger (?). I like this kind of sculpt better.

Combine both Optimus with his trailer and then we have repair base. Nice way to display the figure if it is not in vehicle mode.

Now, we come to Roller. It looks very cool, solid, and better than Takara version in my opinion. I like to have Roller in blue rather in silver. Spike can be inserted here together with Ion Blaster. And one neat feature that answers our curiosity about where Optimus’s trailer went if he transformed. Roller can be attached to the trailer too just like Optimus Prime. That’s a great feature needed for this release. Roller’s functionality is crucial to Optimus Prime.

Overall, this figure is fantastic times millions but not perfect in every senses. Some of the chrome parts of my figure are already torn because of my carelessness. Luckily my brother told me this can be solved easily by adding chrome nail polish. Also, when in vehicle mode, both feet can’t be pegged unless the trailer is attached. But if the trailer is attached, the gas can now that can’t be pegged because of it. Oh Hasbro, why you miss this one quality flaw? But never mind, The value of this figure is so high that makes me forget about the flaw.

But, this figure is deserved to be a masterpiece. Complete gimmick, great design, satisfying mechanism, this figure is just great great geat. I feel my journey is completed. Let me warn you this straight, the price of this release is currently skyrocketting (as other MP figures also), so if you can grab this, GRAB IT WITHOUT HESITATION!

Bot Shots Optimus Prime Launcher

This figure is unique and it’s actually to be played for battle. You need to set two Both Shots figures on their launcher and hit each other until they transform into their robot mode and reveal symbols on their chest. Kinda paper-rock-scissor type but they use punch-blaster-sword.

Enough with mechanism of the play because I don’t buy this for that game, it’s because this figure is Optimus Prime.

This release includes trailer which resembles Star Convoy’s that can be transformed into a launcher for Bot Shots figure. The look of vehicle mode is very nice. Optimus Prime is always incomplete without a trailer and this one really works well. I like the design of both truck and trailer as they fit each other.

Optimus in vehicle mode without trailer attached is still looking cool, but I have to say I like Optimus better with his trailer. Just like Legend class G1 Optimus, this figure (and also its trailer) have fake wheels which are not a problem to me. Also the design of this truck mode is obviously deformed.

The trailer can be opened and transform into a launcher for any Bot Shots figures. This is the selling point of this release as the trailer really increase the value of Optimus Prime in his Bot Shots incarnation. The trailer can be transformed by simply pressing the rooftop blaster.

As other Bot Shots figures do have, this Optimus Prime has automorph gimmick by just hitting or touching the figure on some parts. It’s automatically transform. Well, that’s all actually. This figure doesn’t have articulations as the purpose is only for that rock-paper-scissors game. If only Hasbro put more love to him. I like his head sculpt though, since it’s very G1-esque. And he is cute, seriously cute.

If only, if only the trailer can be compatible with my Legend G1 Optimus Prime, that would be a great bonus because the trailer fits quite well with him.

Bot Shots Optimus Prime Launcher is a so-so figure to be collected. It’s cute but way too kiddy for some people just to avoid buying it. In my opinion it’s deserved to be collected as this figure has its own charm. Optimus Prime looks cool, the trailer looks great, and overall looks awesome. Yes I have some minor issues such as annoying automorph gimmick and loose spring-launcher mechanism, but not that much. This figure is still awesome.

Legend Class G1 Optimus Prime

This is 2012 release (not Reveal the Shield line-up) of Legend G1 Optimus Prime which also gives Motorbreath’s sword as accessory for this figure. Yes, this one is redeco of Motorbreath which also a redeco of previous Rts Legend Optimus Prime. Unlike that previous ugly, painful, worst, deluxe class G1 Optimus Prime I have reviewed, this figure heals my heart with its cute but powerful attire.

This is the truck that we are familiar with. Optimus Prime in his glorious red-blue truck, and looks very cool. Stays true to the truck mode we know. It has fake wheels which I don’t care but might be annoying for some people. Motorbreath’s sword can be attached at the roof of the vehicle though I find it useless.

Transforming this small figure is easy, less than five steps. And here he is, Optimus Prime!

I have two minor issues which are forgivable for a legend class figure. Optimus looks deformed, not that proportional but still it’s way too visible. The other issue is that this Optimus doesn’t have knee articulations at all. Hasbro could make it but I’m okay if he doesn’t have knee joints that make this figure less poseable. It’s ironic considering he has good ball joints on his shoulder and elbow. The rest after that is maximum satisfaction. I love this figure a lot. It’s simple, small, cute, but still retains the charisma of Autobots’ leader. I don’t use that sword for this figure because it’s not for Optimus. I don’t care that he is not that poseable, I love this figure no matter how flawed he is.

Still, this is Optimus Prime in a small size. I do wish some third parties could make trailer for him because he lacks of trailer to add more values. Other than that, I am so happy finally I got this figure after more than six month of online hunting. It’s cheap but valuable, a must figure to be collected by any Transformers fans.

Deluxe Class Classic G1 Optimus Prime

By far, I think this is the worst Optimus Prime figure I have, far worse than RiD Voyager Prime Optimus Prime. I bought this in loose condition, and judging from the mold, this is actually Classic line-up of Deluxe G1 Optimus Prime since the blaster’s color is black (not blue from Special Edition release). I have so many complaints from this figure as I feel this figure is made from hell. Indeed, my friend once told me to avoid this figure, and he was right.

Truck mode is ugly, very very very ugly! Even my knock-off Robot Masters Optimus Prime is much better than this one. I am speechless seeing how ugly the truck mode is.

Transforming this figure is easy as I don’t need instruction manual at all when transforming it for the first time. It has nice lock mechanism but I feel the progress is very plain, generic, and not challenging at all for a deluxe class figure.

This figure has “gangster gun” (Tommy gun ala gangster or mafia) which is not bad but not accurate with the show.

Optimus Prime in robot mode looks quite better after that painful truck mode. Coincidentally I feel it’s almost similar to my KO RM Optimus Prime. Very similar in physical resemblance although KO version is oversized. Head sculpt is pretty bad, far from Optimus we know. The swivel joint in his torso is way too loose (for spinning gimmick which also one of my complaints too) so I have difficulties posing this figure. I have no idea if there is a way to lock it but maybe it’s already broken (since I bought it loose). And that spinning gimmick is stupid as I never see Optimus doing that ridiculous spinning punch. I don’t want to cover that gimmick because I hate it so much. Also I hate the paint jobs for this figure. It’s done half-heartedly.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t execute great pose, its articulations are the best point as I have little to no problem at all posing this figure.

Oh my, this figure is bad and technically is not worth to be collected. Just for the sake of me as Optimus-fetish to complete my collection. This is the time when I should have that premium expensive Masterpiece Optimus Prime, but when I can afford to buy it?

After a twist of turn, somehow I managed to buy Masterpiece Optimus Prime ^^a

Henkei Convoy Add-on KO

After that lovable Henkei Convoy, now it’s time to review its add-on.

I also bought two add-on for my Henkei Convoy / Classic Optimus Prime which are TFX-01J DIA Commander and BTS-01s Mobile Command Base, and both are knocked off versions. I admit, I can’t buy the original releases because they are painfully expensive. Very very very expensive. Even for this KO versions, both are already pricy and together with Henkei Convoy KO are the most expensive KO figures I ever buy.

BTS-01s Mobile Command Base (in short I will call it later, BTS trailer) is a trailer for Henkei Convoy. The design is not an ordinary trailer, but rather BTS took different approach by adding some futuristic shapes to match the “classic” incarnation of Optimus Prime. Did I ever told people that “What Optimus Prime would be without his trailer?” So this is a nice trailer for him. I have to say I really like the design a bit. At first I felt it’s strange, but I appreciate the effort BTS took.

Optimus Prime in vehicle mode looks complete with this trailer. It’s long, big, futuristic, and a kind of Optimus we often see because Optimus is always lacking without his trailer. My only complain for this trailer is that the connector port to Henkei Convoy is not that tight. Often I got the trailer separated because the connector is not that strong to hold both. Other than that, I am pleased to see this.

This trailer can be opened and reveal Mobile Command Base. Unlike other trailers that accompany Optimus, this trailer follows unorthodox style that it’s not separated in the middle of the trailer. Hence the name, it’s indeed a command base complete with repair drone. This trailer also gives two blasters which unfortunately not for Optimus (to Bumblebee if I’m not mistaken), but who cares, Optimus still can use it anyway.

This trailer also has Roller (or Rollout Drone to avoid copyright issues) which attached as trailer’s wheels. The idea is great but I wish the wheels and Roller are actually separated, still I have no complain for that.

Well, except for that connector problem, I am satisfied with this trailer. Big rig is always incomplete without a trailer.

On to the next….

The second add-on is TFX-01J DIA Commander by FansProject. Actually I would love to have Ultra Magnus and City Commander add-on, but since Optimus Prime is my favorite, having DIA Commander is truly a great experience. I am okay with this now, because DIA Commander looks menacing and cool.

TFX-01J is a trailer to Henkei Convoy (or classic Optimus Prime, gee, I refer him as Convoy more than as Optimus Prime) that makes his set looks like a garbage truck. Yes, a garbage truck. What else I could describe with this kind of vehicle except a colorful, missile armed garbage truck. I already applied stickers to some parts needed though I find it quite useless.

This trailer separates into several parts to become an armor for Optimus/Convoy and create DIA Commander. Yes, this one actually recolor version of City Commander for Ultra Magnus. The separation and assembling the armor proved to be a difficult task to do. It’s very complicated and need excessive force a little bit.

Before I praise this set, let’s criticize. As a knock off add-on, this set is very fragile. I already broke folding part from his right foot because I turned it too much. And I have serious problems with his right hand and his right shoulder. They are not locked and fitted very well to the figure. Very loose. Another problem is that it can’t hold that big weapon very well due to being heavy and the joint can’t hold that.

Now for the good parts, this add on is superb. DIA Commander (DIA stands for Diaclone actually, a toyline that inspire Transformers) looks super powerful. Considering complicated assembly and weight issues, this add-on makes the figure has limited articulation. This set also gives two missile launcher and an energon box (which I don’t use because it’s useless anyway). Given the fact that this is a knock off with all terrible problems I found, it is a great feature. The vehicle mode is nice, DIA Commander looks powerful. It’s a good feature, and for a knock off I am really satisfied. I know I can’t pose him much since it’s almost a brick. But, isn’t that a great figure to be displayed only? People will notice this figure easily on display cabinet.

Both are great sets but I wish I could buy the original releases. If you can afford please buy the original. But still, I am so happy with both…

Voyager Class Henkei Convoy / Classic Optimus Prime KO

After months of waiting, finally I get this wonderful figure together with DIA Commander upgrade and BTS Classic Trailer set (and both also KO). I will review those set after this one. Henkei Convoy is actually Takara release of Classic Optimus Prime mold with better paint job. I just can’t imagine how impressive this figure is. Henkei Convoy is modernized version of G1 Optimus Prime (which ironically called as “classic”) and this figure, again, is wonderful.

I have a long story to get this figure. When my interest in Transformers emerged, Classic Optimus was not one of my targets because I had no idea about Classic series or Henkei Henkei until every TF fanboys I know told me that the best Optimus Prime figure that only can match (or even surpass) Masterpiece release is this classic line in voyager class size. Damn, they were right. When I started to find this I had two facts, Classic Optimus Prime is rare as hell  and actually it has third party upgrade. When I knew the fact that Classic and Henkei lineup is a rare figure to find (with OMG price tag) I just pissed off. There is no way people will sell this figure due to its quality.

Then, I saw Ultra Magnus upgrade called City Commander by FansProject whose price also beyond madness. I was wondering if people ever made knocked off version and to my surprise, there are lots of KO for this figure.

Then, long story short, I found someone who can help me to get I what I have dreamed for long. There is a very high quality knock off of Henkei Convoy available, but I have to wait for months due to certain regulations of importing stuff like this. And finally, it has arrived!

This figure, I don’t know how to start from. I never own the original Hasbro or Takara release but I have to say the quality is even better than all Optimus figures I own. The joints are very tight, no loose parts, no more sh*tty problems usually found on KO figure. Even it is very tight that I have difficulties in twisting, separating, or joining parts in transformation, notably from the weapons. Just look at it. It’s an art, a masterpiece (no pun intended) of its own. The fact that this figure solely depends on transformation gimmick makes this figure very valuable in every aspects. No spring loaded weapon, no strange weapon lights, it’s just a plain yet magnificent figure to play with. Not to forget it has light pipe gimmick which is small but added more wonderful things in here.

Am I being biased by this description? No, in fact my words are not enough to describe how awesome this figure is. That great design, that great ratchet joints, that tight mechanism, that great sculpt, oh my, I love love love this figure so much. I never do such thing ever to knock off figure until this one. Better than most of my collection, in fact.

Vehicle mode, this Optimus is a big rig, a good interpretation on how modern Optimus would be. Its paint job also helped to capture this kind of imagination. Unlike Habro release which has too much yellow-ish paint to certain useless parts, this figure follows Henkei release pattern to make reminiscence of G1 Optimus in retrospect. And look at that chrome grills, it’s beautiful.

Transforming this figure is not easy but satisfying. Its mechanism is very good, you’ll have no problem transforming it. Its wind roof and smokestacks can be transformed into blasters. This gimmick is simple but that’s what I want from a transforming toy.

This figure is superb, note that he is actually a knocked off version, a very high quality knock off figure, ever. Modernized G1 proved to be a great design for this line. Just a great great looking robot. And since he is Optimus Prime, so this is the best incarnation ever. Not to forget, the light pipping mechanism works really well.

This is a piece of art, this is a masterpiece, and even this is a knock off figure. I am so happy to finally own Henkei Convoy after long waiting. Yes it is not cheap at all. Probably this is the most expensive KO toy I ever buy, but the quality really worth the price. I am not only satisfied but also really adore this figure a lot.

I have to thank my friend Dimas for making my wishlist come true. For those who are interested to order this figure you may contact his Facebook here >><<