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Minipla Kamitsuki Gattai Kyoryuzin

This is Kyoryuger’s main mecha which is the combination of Gabutyra (T-Rex), Stegochi (Stegosaur), and Drycera (Triceratops). Speaking of this Sentai, actually I have mixed feeling on it. The omission of yellow on the team is decreasing my interest to this series although it seems quite promising. Oh well, I can’t judge it as whole before the series finished next year.

The first lineup of 2013 minipla consist of four boxes which in my opinion are useless. They could make it only in two boxes but profit orientation since Gokaiger creates more disasters on Minipla’s releases. They could make Gabutyra in one box only and the rest are in another box. One thing I have noticed on this release is that the assembling is simplified drastically. It’s very very different from previous releases. But that doesn’t mean bad, it’s good in some ways but not for those who wants to experience complicated plastic model assemble. This is actually predictable considering the target of this kind of toy is for kids.

As I told earlier, these dinosaurs are very easy to assemble. I have no problem at all assembling these all ranging from snap-fitting, decal applying, and it’s very fun to do. The last time I got this kind of feeling when I assembled Goryujin (Gokai Silver’s mecha).

After assembling it, they are looking good. The only missing feature we have on this minipla is sound gimmick (which is impossible and indeed the main selling point of DX counterparts). For me it doesn’t really matter but maybe for those who are accustomed to hear samba ringtone or “si ha ha” shouting will feel the lack of that gimmick on this minipla. Who cares anyway.

Combining them into Kyoryuzin is very easy and for those who are already familiar with combination sequence from the series will never need the instruction manual at all. First-timer can do it without problem at all.

Kyoryuzin looks great as his name means God of Dinosaurs. He has a good range of articulations but with one serious complain. This one doesn’t have articulations of both elbow parts (similar to DX) which is in my opinion is very very disappointing. It is understandable considering the gimmick, transforming sequence, and the parts given make that feature impossible to be implemented here. But still, I am disappointed.

But don’t get me wrong, it is a very good mecha. It looks fantastic and menacing. It retains all gimmicks (except the sound) from DX counterpart and has more articulations.

Overall, aside from missing elbow articulations, I have no problem with this figure. It is worth to be collected especially if you are Sentai fans.


Go-Busters Minipla Series

I forgot to review each set of them last year, so I put the whole thing (minus that green frog that useless in my opinion) here. Beside Transformers or Gundam, I also collect Minipla which stands as Miniature Plastic Model. Basically it is plastic models but with Sentai mecha to assemble. I started to collect Minipla since 2011, way too late to collect them all.

Anyway, the whole set here is from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Before I talk about the minipla, I want to complain about the Sentai itself. It is a complete fail. Why on Earth calling it dark series among other series while it has stupid gimmick? And the mechas here are actually not that impressive. It is a huge letdown compared to the previous year (Gokaioh and the gang) by having this ridiculous clusterf*** apartment combination again. I love the complicated transformation and combination, but the whole set is just a colossal mess.

I don’t talk each combinations because seeing them all are already painful. The only thing that impress me a lot is Go-Busters Ace. I am aware that the DX counterpart of Go-Busters Oh looks stupid. Luckily this one has decent look, but still far from perfect. I can’t help but compare it with Gokaioh which was absolutely amazing from the beginning.

As I said earlier, Go-Busters Ace is the only thing that impress me.

Believe me, Ace is impressive.

The rabbit and the gorilla are decent kits, I do feel the Ace is incomplete without them.

The first combination itself is already crosses the OMG line.

The beet and the stag? Quite okay but have a lot of “yet to be desired”.

Yes, I am so lazy taking his pictures. Go-Busters Beet is not impressive at all. I don’t like the hand, really. And I just realize that I forgot to create Buster Hercules and took pictures of it.

Oh my, just oh my. Whoever designed this mecha, he/she had no idea about aesthetic value at all. This gigantic combination is ridiculously bad. The name is Great Go-Busters and it is a great disaster. When I thought this nightmare is over, but not yet.

Tategami Lioh, very good in concept, quite fail in execution.

This lion if not because of Ace, will never be this good.

This Go-Buster Lioh? I can’t continue this….

……………………………………………………….. King of Clusterf***!

I am so sad seeing all combinations. The process is complicated and involves partsforming which I hate so much. But don’t get me wrong, this whole set of Minipla is superb. They can create all colossal mess in form of small plastic model kits. The problem lies on the design itself. Sentai mecha is degrading now, thinking nothing but adding more gimmicks and less innovations.

Top Ten 2012 Figure Highlights

2012, a year deserved to be highlighted. It is noticeable that my interest shifted from Gundam (or plastic model) into Transformers. I will highlight ten best figures I purchased during the year of 2012.

10. Candy Toys FFR Kamen Rider Decade and Diend

I was so lucky, my friend in Surabaya helped me to get these figures in his local toy store. CT version is much better than the normal one. The articulation is good and nice representation Kamen Riders in small size.

9. Animated Optimus Prime (both Voyager and Deluxe)

As Optimus-fetish collector, these two are hard to miss. Again, I am so lucky getting the Sons of Cybertron version in a very cheap price. The voyager also looks very well. Until now, I have no idea about Transformers Animated, but both of them already made me happy. You can check the review here: Animated Optimus Prime Comparison.

8. SD Wing Gundam Endless Waltz

I don’t remember if this one appeared in Endless Waltz OVA, even the design is far from this one. But this SD figure is very good. I love SD version better considering I am not really interested in MG counterpart.

7. EZ Collection TF Prime Autobot Set

Enough said, check the recently reviewed set here: EZ Collection TF Prime Autobot Set. My online seller helped me getting this set from Japan.

6. Hongli NG 1/100 00 Raiser

Surprisingly for a bootleg plastic model, he is far superior in articulation than MG version. He is so big and so bad. One of my earlier figure reviewed on my WordPress. Check it here: Hongli NG 1/100 00 Raiser.

5. WFC Cybertronian Optimus Prime and FoC Optimus Prime.

Aside from everything I said in the review, this Optimus Prime is much better than FoC version. But I can’t help to have both side by side because hey, they are from the same incarnation and I can’t ignore both of them. Check my review of both figures here:
WFC Cybertronian Optimus Prime
FoC Optimus Prime

4. SIC KT Kuuga Rising Ultimate

Yes, I already have this one, but still mint in box. As my habit to let all of my SIC KT collections in MIB condition, I don’t want to open this too. I hate Kuuga Rising Ultimate, a useless form upgrade seen in Decade’s movie. But the figure, is actually pretty cool. Very tempting for me to open it out of the box. The picture above taken from Hacchaka. Check his “so great” review here: SIC KT Kuuga Rising Ultimate.

3. DA-03 Voyager DOTM Optimus Prime

He is “are you nuts?” purchase I have done in 2012. Slightly retooled from Hasbro release and trailer included. No matter what, I am so happy to have this set. Check my review here: DA-03 Voyager DOTM Optimus Prime.

2. Minipla Gekitouja

I thought I never get this set forever, but again, the same person who helped me getting CT FFR Decade & Diend offered this set, which hard for me to resist. To make it even better, this set completed with RinLion and RinChameleon to create GekiRinTouja, one of the best mecha in Super Sentai history, ever!

1. DX Dino Megazord 2010

This is my long time wishlist. Together with minipla Gekitouja, I never thought I finally own this. I almost give up getting this figure because of expensive price and its rare status. Thank God, I found one seller on Facebook group, and without hesitation I bought this childhood memorabilia. Yes I know this is 2010, but I chose this over original DX figure since this is updated version. Check my review here: DX Dino Megazord 2010.

That’s my top ten figures of 2012. I have to admit that I was so lucky to have all figures I mention here, considering I will slowly reduced my collecting habit, starting to settle my future to have a family. But I hope everything continues well in 2013.


Passion for Toys

Every time people asked me whether I am collecting toys or not, I just don’t know how to answer that. Even until today.

Well, I can defend myself by saying I am collecting action figures, plastic models, miniatures, replicas. But in the end, people will just call it toys. In the past when I was a kid, toys were just merely things to be played and that’s about it. Now things have changed and I see a different perspective on it. There are two things, it is a good hobby in my spare time. The other, I am just a victim of commodity fetishism in this late-capitalism era. Or am I?

One of my friends once argued that if a toy cannot be played and only just to be displayed, that is not a toy at all. He may be right at one point, but I don’t think I can accept that kind of mindset, not now.

I re-checked all of my collections on my precious display cabinets. I tried to categorize the toys based on their age segments. Let me try:

1. Minipla
This is definitely for kids, but its rarity outside of Japan makes it ‘a collector item’. To make it ironic, I never see any kids playing with minipla. I was late to start collecting minipla, but not as late as gunpla. Luckily the prices are still reasonable (some minipla’s prices went nuts when they reached ‘rare’ status). So I need to buy it near its release date or I will experience hell in finding it.

Although miniplas are for kids, but assembling the models are complicated, I would say miniplas are suitable for ages 10+ due to their complexities.

2. Gunpla
Currently the largest and the most collections I have. This one is not for kids, unless it is in SD or cheap grade (Entry Grade, First Grade). I can say this one is suitable for ages 15+ (maybe even more for Perfect Grade). Gunplas are good for photography or just for display in cabinets. An army of gunplas attracts people, seriously. Gunplas are easily available especially for popular releases. Some limited, not popular design, or strange looking gunplas are difficult to find and way too expensive. Even when I said SD above is for kids, the assembling is difficult for first-timer. If we want more pain, just buy bootlegged version and enjoy it.

There are so many things to do with Gunpla. Lining, recoloring, modifying, weathering, coating, and making photograph on it makes gunpla not just a model, it is a piece of art. We can enjoy the assemble mechanism ranging for the simple one (SD, HG), to intermediate (RG, MG), and advance (PG). Gunpla is also a very good figure to make a diorama. I have seen so many customizations on it and it never stops.

3. SH Figuarts
Beat me, but this one is not for kids at all. Even when we buy it, there are some labels added that SHF is for ages 15+. It never be meant to be played by kids considering its target for adult collectors. SHF has gimmicks and parts that intended for realism, definitely not a toy, but still it is a toy. Mindblow? No, SHF is a figure to be collected.

I only collected main Kamen Riders (their main forms), even I still cannot buy Showa Riders because of supply cuts and expensive prices. Once I want to sell it all, I don’t think I can follow more than that. I still cannot buy SHF Son Goku even though I love Dragon Ball Z.

4. SIC Kiwami Tamashii
The same with SHF, I only collected main riders, and luckily I can collect their final forms and motorcycles due to their affordable prices. But there is one, SIC KT Faiz Blaster that gave me pain to buy it. So far that is the only SIC KT that is not Mint in Box when I bought it, means I bought second-handed figure. But other SIC KT up until Kuuga Mighty Form are still MIB. I collected SIC KT because I cannot afford to buy its SIC counterparts.

SIC KT, again, the same with SHF, are not intended to be collected by kids. All that I know the kids will tear the figures for good. Yes, it is not for kids at all.

5. Others
Most of my bootlegged figures are for kids, notably from Candy Toys, Transformers Knock-Off and DX Sentai Mecha. But still, there are some that indeed are not for kids such as Revoltech SFO Chun-Li, Revoltech VF-1 Valkyrie, and several non-articulated figures. Still I am wondering which kids in Indonesia has the same style of figure collecting as mine?

You may notice that most of my collections (read: toys) are mechas. Yes, I love mechas whatever they are. I love Gundam, Macross, Transformers, Super Sentai, Super Robot Taisen, and many more. For me, mechas are the reflections of my weaknesses. I am not tall, yet mechas are created in realistic manner as tall as possible. Mechas designs are cool in contrast of my appearance (true story).

I am not saying that I am degrading myself here, but that is the way I analyze myself psychologically. Maybe in my consciousness I am OK with my height, but unconsciously that is a problem. People often mistaken me as students due to my appearance, and that is irritating. Maybe the love for mechas are the way I am channeling my hatred. Rather than complaining (that I am a lecturer, not a mere student from your subjective skeptical point of view), I rather not being bothered by it. Oh I forgot how Sigmund Freud already discussed that too much. And that’s the way I admit it.

Enough with psychoanalysis, maybe I am the victim of consumerism too. Sometimes I wonder, where my collections will go when I got married and have a family. This kind of hobby is not for eternity, there will be a time when I have to stop this at all. Even now I am slowly limit myself buying these stuff considering my future and more important needs outside figure collections.

This is one of many manifestations why I love popular culture. I enjoy it as much as I feel the pain from it. Now I see the strange of myself when I got the package, open the box, assemble it (if it is a model), take picture of it, and then put it on cabinet and that’s about it. How happy I am seeing my complete collection (yes, I am complete-ist, perfectionist), and how painful for me to find it when the figure is so rare that the price is already went nuts.

Still I try to defend myself whenever people complain that this hobby is such a waste. I’d rather buy figures than cigarettes, that’s the common excuse I said every time. Funny as hell, because both are money-wasting activities, still we got excitement after buying it. Passion, that is what I call it.

I was so upset whenever people judge me collecting figures as childish, meant for kids, and any stereotypical biased accuses just because they have no idea what is inside of this hobby. But dealing with such people if not for more time-wasting, it is just them who have no fun in their life. People have so many different ways in amusing themselves. And several of us amuse ourselves by collecting figures. People today are still short-simple minded, these kind of persons are still exist. I don’t see any differences between them and outdated fundamentalists.

To make it even more ironic, I never see any kids collecting toys. So far, what I have seen that they ‘love’ to destroy their toys. Toys collector, figures collector that I have met so far are already adults. This happens because of different orientations. Playing and collecting are different things. In collecting we may also playing it, but not the other way around. This is true to myself since I destroy all of my toys when I was a kid, and that is my bad as nature calls it. But now I am collecting it, as pieces of art.

Yeah yeah, commodity fetishism at its finest, I do admit it. But someday I will stop from this hobby, sooner or later.

I have talked this issue many times, whether on Multiply, or Facebook. And I often feed up with “the ignorants” with their biased judgements. Maybe figure collection is something that not all people can enjoy it. Considering this is an expensive hobby and you need a lot of money to accommodate buying this and that in the name of passions.