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Legend Class TF Generations Optimus Prime & Roller

Hasbro releases this set as a part of Thrilling 30 Transformers. This Optimus Prime has a design taken from IDW comics of their own G1. This set not only gives Optimus but also Roller, in form of a SUV, which is a triple-changer. I have to say this is a sweet deal although Roller is not a mobile drone anymore. I don’t mind as long as the playability of this set is great. Also, while the box said this set (especially for Optimus Prime) is legend class, but the size is actually for commander class (a little bit bigger than common scout / legend class we used to know). For me, that’s a good decision because now I can pose him together with other Cyberverse Prime’s figures.

Optimus Prime in vehicle mode is quite good, but I am really curious about why no smokestacks there. I feel a big truck without smokestacks is a minus point for me. It looks good but feels unrealistic for me.

Transforming Optimus from vehicle into robot mode is pretty generic but solid as those who are familiar with Optimus Prime conversion mechanism will have little to zero problem. And unlike previous legend class G1 Optimus Prime, we have no fake grills anymore (hurray!!!). And here we have IDW’s incarnation of G1 Optimus Prime.

Optimus in robot mode feels like an update version of old-good G1 Optimus Prime with modern touch. The chest part reveals Autobots logo and the shoulder parts can be expanded. It’s trivial but cool anyway.

This Optimus has good-range of articulations for its size. It has joints on vital points (head, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees) which are very satisfying, even better than Cyberverses’ counterpart.

As for Roller itself in vehicle mode, a good-in scale SUV to be compared with Optimus in size. Optimus’ ion blaster can also be attached here. Well, I like this Roller, looks cute but deadly at the same time. Robot mode? Hmmm, not too shabby but I feel vehicle mode is better (contrary to Optimus Prime now). How about blaster mode? It sucks, seriously. I’m not convinced enough that Roller in blaster mode is actually a kind of weapon. But there’s no room for me to complain regarding the size of this toy.

Roller as blaster makes Optimus top-heavy. No, it’s not teribble, but not that great either. Still, having a big blaster makes this set worth the value. I like it so much, the playability of this set is great.

This set has two undocumented features which surprised me a lot. Roller can be attached at the back of Optimus’ truck mode and (this one is sweet sweet sweet feature) Roller can be attached to Optimus in robot mode to become its jetpack, complete with long blaster. What a feature! Yes, maybe it’s just my imagination, but this small feature makes me appreciate this set a lot. Does it make Roller a quadruple-changer?

This set is a must have. I have nothing to complain, has great features, solid transformations, lots of playabilities, and satisfying gimmick. Get it!


Legend Class G1 Optimus Prime

This is 2012 release (not Reveal the Shield line-up) of Legend G1 Optimus Prime which also gives Motorbreath’s sword as accessory for this figure. Yes, this one is redeco of Motorbreath which also a redeco of previous Rts Legend Optimus Prime. Unlike that previous ugly, painful, worst, deluxe class G1 Optimus Prime I have reviewed, this figure heals my heart with its cute but powerful attire.

This is the truck that we are familiar with. Optimus Prime in his glorious red-blue truck, and looks very cool. Stays true to the truck mode we know. It has fake wheels which I don’t care but might be annoying for some people. Motorbreath’s sword can be attached at the roof of the vehicle though I find it useless.

Transforming this small figure is easy, less than five steps. And here he is, Optimus Prime!

I have two minor issues which are forgivable for a legend class figure. Optimus looks deformed, not that proportional but still it’s way too visible. The other issue is that this Optimus doesn’t have knee articulations at all. Hasbro could make it but I’m okay if he doesn’t have knee joints that make this figure less poseable. It’s ironic considering he has good ball joints on his shoulder and elbow. The rest after that is maximum satisfaction. I love this figure a lot. It’s simple, small, cute, but still retains the charisma of Autobots’ leader. I don’t use that sword for this figure because it’s not for Optimus. I don’t care that he is not that poseable, I love this figure no matter how flawed he is.

Still, this is Optimus Prime in a small size. I do wish some third parties could make trailer for him because he lacks of trailer to add more values. Other than that, I am so happy finally I got this figure after more than six month of online hunting. It’s cheap but valuable, a must figure to be collected by any Transformers fans.

Legend Class HFTD Fireburst Optimus Prime

I bought this months ago but only this time finally I can review this tiny-winy figure. This is variant of original ROTF legend class Optimus Prime with dominant blue and white as primary colors, dubbed Fireburst Optimus Prime. I think this figure was made without enough love.

The vehicle mode, while retains Peterbilt truck, has strange proportion. I don’t know if there is a truck that has bigger front wheels. But it looks okay and we still can call it a truck.

Transforming this figure is easy, nothing much to say.

This robot mode is very bad, very uninspiring, and plainly simple. That’s why I think this figure is made without love. The design is ugly, not so Optimus Prime. Yeah I know it’s cheap and small so why Hasbro bothers to make more details. But still, this figure could be tweaked a little bit before they released it. Look at this figure, the articulation is very very very limited.

But that doesn’t mean this figure is boring, I can create horrible truck design just to satisfy myself from complaining this figure too much.

It’s not a bad figure as a whole, but really an easy pass.

Some Transformers Knock Off

These are Transformers knock off (or in Indonesia, we use to call it KW) I found in my local toy stores. Just don’t ask for the quality, as knock off figures or bootleg, these all are horrible. Cheap plastic, wrong color accuracy, incomplete gimmick, all found in these figures.

1. Legend Class Galaxy Convoy / Optimus Prime from Transformers Cybertron

I can’t help but wonder, why the body part must be blue, not red? And considering this is from legend class, the figure doesn’t have the firetruck trailer. Not a bad looking figure but this one is a great thing to be customized. I was surprised to put this figure side by side with my own DOTM Cyberverse Optimus Prime (not pictured), both are on the same size. I thought Cyberverse Commander size is quite bigger than Legend class, but then I was wrong. Overall, a nice bootlegged figure to be displayed on cabinet.

2. Classic Bumblebee (redeco of Cybertron’s Hot Shot)

The size is actually a misfit, as I can’t figure out what size-class is this. I knew this was Bumblebee after searching the toy database and found it to be a redeco of Hot Shot but the size of this figure is nowhere from Legend class. But I realize this is the perfect scale to be displayed. Wrong colors here and there, particularly on his head. He is perfect in vehicle mode, but the robot mode? Just keep it as a vehicle, and you will know why.

3. Robot Conversions G1 Convoy (Robot Masters Knock Off)

Previously I watched several G1 episodes, mainly the important ones such as The Return of Optimus, More than Meets the Eye, and even The Transformers Movie (1986), and I was wondering if I ever find at least a knock off G1 Optimus Prime. Well, my wish is half granted with this ridiculous name called Robot Conversions. Again, strange size here. Although originally Robot Masters are small size toyline, this one is huge. I can predict that this one is on Voyager Class size. What kind of drug the maker of this bootlegged figure has taken? The size is big enough for me to buy it. Other than wrong color weapon, cheap plastic, and other complaints, I found that this figure looks nice on the shelf.

4. I Have no Idea What Figure is This

Can somebody identify this one? This one looks good and poseable, too bad I have no references about this one.

See my flickr album for full image. Sorry, I am too lazy to create permalink here :p