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HG 1/144 Adele Diva Color

Probably the most underrated AGE HG releases, Adele is superior on its own.

This is the mass-produced Mobile Suit based on Gundam AGE-1. In fact, the runners for assembling Adele are taken from AGE-1 runners (most notably from runner B). The design is simple yet cool for a mass produced MS. Somehow I prefer visor face MS rather than Gundam face in terms of realism. This simplicity is backed up with great articulation, perfect gimmicks, and interchangeable parts with AGE-1 Titus or Spallow. And Bandai did a great job in molding with less stickers, easy snap-fit, and it is a fun experience building this HG. I wonder if Bandai will ever release its MG counterparts, or at least its NG 1/100.

I didn’t apply marking seal (no 1 or 2) on purpose considering I just only have one Adele so far. And I chose Diva’s color over original because I like this color choice. Federation color is just meh and probably contributed Adele to become one of the most underrated MS in Gundam universe. But still this is fantastic gunpla to build. I highly recommend this HG release. Whether Federation color or Diva color is actually depend on your taste, if you can, grab both. Kudos to the MS designer making this Adele so simple yet elegant and superior on its league. Now I understand why some gunpla builders prefer mass-produced MS, because it’s so fun to build.


HG 1/144 Trans-Am Raiser (Hongli)

This is bootlegged release of High Grade 1/144 Trans-Am Raiser made by TT Hongli.

As expected from Hongli releases, I have got assembling issues ranging from painful snap-fit, below average quality stickers, and poor plastic molding. It can’t be helped because this is a bootleg, you cannot expect more.

Surprisingly, it is still a good figure to display considering this the Trans-Am version of my beloved 00 Raiser. I chose this over original Bandai release because in my opinion, Trans-Am version is just a recolored version without great appealing as the original color is. Still for a bootleg plastic model it surpasses my expectation.

Still for those who wants to have this, just buy Bandai original release and you do know why.

Ini merupakan rilisan bootleg dari High Grade 1/144 Trans-Am Raiser yang dibuat oleh TT Hongli

Namanya juga rilisan Hongli, saya mengalami masalah dalam perakitan seperti snap-fitnya yang menyakitkan, stiker yang benar-benar dibawah standar, hingga kualitas cetakan plastiknya yang sangat parah. Ini memang tidak bisa diharapkan karena ini rilisan bootleg, tidak bisa berharap lebih.

Yang mengejutkan, gunpla ini masih sangat bagus untuk dipajang karena ini adalah versi Trans-Am dari figur 00 Raiser favorit saya. Saya memilih ini daripada rilisan Bandainya karena menurut saya, versi Trans-Amhanya versi warna ulang tanpa daya tarik yang sama bagusnya dengan rilisan warna aslinya. Tapi sebagai figur bootleg, model plastik ini melampaui ekspektasi saya.

Tapi tetap saja bagi yang tertarik dengan figur ini, lebih baik membeli rilisan original dari Bandai-nya.