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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Super Sentai series is reaching its burnout state as this movie proves it.

As annual tradition, this versus movie feels a little bit awkward because previously Go-Busters and Gokaiger worked together in Super Hero Taisen so their meeting feels not as fateful as previous Super Sentai cross-over before. Somehow their cross-over is not exciting at all other than pretty good action scenes that fill this movie as whole. Probably due to underwhelming reception of Go-Busters as the series itself is a major blow in ratings and the quality of the series itself is seriously panned.

The story is predictable, which is why Super Sentai is burnout now, using the same formula, the same setting, and the same cliche method. The only thing that is special from this movie is that their mechas transformed (Gokai Change) into past Super Sentai mechas according to their resemblances. Even though Kyoryugers have their appearance earlier and Kyoryu Red interacts directly with Gokai Red and Red Buster, unlike previous early-bird Sentai cameo, but their appearance is not that special.

Surprisingly, the acting of Gokaiger’s cast is pretty bad, unlike their previous appearances (series or movies). Their acting is stiff, awkward, and seems they forgot their previous characterizations naturally.

Overall, this is a pretty messed-up versus movie.

Score: 2 out of 5


Go-Busters Minipla Series

I forgot to review each set of them last year, so I put the whole thing (minus that green frog that useless in my opinion) here. Beside Transformers or Gundam, I also collect Minipla which stands as Miniature Plastic Model. Basically it is plastic models but with Sentai mecha to assemble. I started to collect Minipla since 2011, way too late to collect them all.

Anyway, the whole set here is from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Before I talk about the minipla, I want to complain about the Sentai itself. It is a complete fail. Why on Earth calling it dark series among other series while it has stupid gimmick? And the mechas here are actually not that impressive. It is a huge letdown compared to the previous year (Gokaioh and the gang) by having this ridiculous clusterf*** apartment combination again. I love the complicated transformation and combination, but the whole set is just a colossal mess.

I don’t talk each combinations because seeing them all are already painful. The only thing that impress me a lot is Go-Busters Ace. I am aware that the DX counterpart of Go-Busters Oh looks stupid. Luckily this one has decent look, but still far from perfect. I can’t help but compare it with Gokaioh which was absolutely amazing from the beginning.

As I said earlier, Go-Busters Ace is the only thing that impress me.

Believe me, Ace is impressive.

The rabbit and the gorilla are decent kits, I do feel the Ace is incomplete without them.

The first combination itself is already crosses the OMG line.

The beet and the stag? Quite okay but have a lot of “yet to be desired”.

Yes, I am so lazy taking his pictures. Go-Busters Beet is not impressive at all. I don’t like the hand, really. And I just realize that I forgot to create Buster Hercules and took pictures of it.

Oh my, just oh my. Whoever designed this mecha, he/she had no idea about aesthetic value at all. This gigantic combination is ridiculously bad. The name is Great Go-Busters and it is a great disaster. When I thought this nightmare is over, but not yet.

Tategami Lioh, very good in concept, quite fail in execution.

This lion if not because of Ace, will never be this good.

This Go-Buster Lioh? I can’t continue this….

……………………………………………………….. King of Clusterf***!

I am so sad seeing all combinations. The process is complicated and involves partsforming which I hate so much. But don’t get me wrong, this whole set of Minipla is superb. They can create all colossal mess in form of small plastic model kits. The problem lies on the design itself. Sentai mecha is degrading now, thinking nothing but adding more gimmicks and less innovations.