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Deluxe Class TF Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream

Starscream in his Cybertronian form is very cool, especially in his alt jet mode. And his appearances in both War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron impressed me a lot. Judging from the design, I suspected that Macross’s design of VF Valkyrie influenced this, and I was right.

And yes, the reason I bought this one is that I really love VF Valkyrie. The jet mode is very reminiscence of Valkyrie with Cybertronian touch. I love the design a lot. It’s more menacing when the weapon called scrapmakers are attached to the wings. Just beautiful. Speaking about scrapmakers, this gattling gun is bada**! You can combine it to create double gattling guns that actually appeared in the game. Though originally not for Starscream, but I’m fine with it. The jet mode is in fact incomplete without that scrapmakers.

Before transforming it into robot mode, I can even relive gearwalk mode that is famous from VF Valkyrie. Somehow I feel this figure is actually a triple-changer. But I have expected this so nothing much to surprise.

In his robot mode, I do admit that it’s not as good as the jet mode. But it’s still good in some ways. I like it although I prefer more on jet mode. Still, he is the infamous Starscream with his cunning tricks.

It’s a VF Valkyrie in Transformers style (no pun intended as original G1 Jetfire is actually the Valkyrie itself). This is my first Starscream figure, and I am satisfied with it.

This figure deserves to be added on your display cabinet. It has some issues such as hollowness and not so proportional body (even I think it’s quite bulky), but it’s still a good figure nonetheless.


Titanium Die-Cast War Within Optimus Prime

This figure is a “hit and miss”.

Having die-cast as material for a figure is not always something good. While die-cast indicates a “premium”, expensive, or anything that is considered more than just a usual figure, this War Within Optimus Prime feels the same, if not worse.

┬áThe idea is good, but the implementation is yet to be expected. There are lots of improvement could be done yet Hasbro seems didn’t give enough love for this release.

The design is taken from Dreamwave comic’s incarnation of Optimus Prime entitled “War Within” with Optimus Prime in his Cybertronian form. To be honest, I like this vehicle mode better than FoC version, but still, WfC version is the best for me when discussing Cybertronian form of him. In vehicle mode, everything is done right.

Transforming this figure is relatively easy as I don’t need to show how. In fact, I want to point out why this figure is a failure. Having die-cast for his body while plastic for the joint is a terrible decision. It wobbles badly.

The design in robot mode looks freaking cool. But again, this figure suffers a lot from die-cast material that makes it very difficult to pose. To make it worse, it has limited articulation for such deluxe class size.

In the end, my opinion in this figure is very simple. It’s very very good to be displayed but very very bad to be played. Which is why I feel this figure is a hit and miss. Now I know why people prefer to keep this figure intact on the box.

Deluxe Class Classic G1 Optimus Prime

By far, I think this is the worst Optimus Prime figure I have, far worse than RiD Voyager Prime Optimus Prime. I bought this in loose condition, and judging from the mold, this is actually Classic line-up of Deluxe G1 Optimus Prime since the blaster’s color is black (not blue from Special Edition release). I have so many complaints from this figure as I feel this figure is made from hell. Indeed, my friend once told me to avoid this figure, and he was right.

Truck mode is ugly, very very very ugly! Even my knock-off Robot Masters Optimus Prime is much better than this one. I am speechless seeing how ugly the truck mode is.

Transforming this figure is easy as I don’t need instruction manual at all when transforming it for the first time. It has nice lock mechanism but I feel the progress is very plain, generic, and not challenging at all for a deluxe class figure.

This figure has “gangster gun” (Tommy gun ala gangster or mafia) which is not bad but not accurate with the show.

Optimus Prime in robot mode looks quite better after that painful truck mode. Coincidentally I feel it’s almost similar to my KO RM Optimus Prime. Very similar in physical resemblance although KO version is oversized. Head sculpt is pretty bad, far from Optimus we know. The swivel joint in his torso is way too loose (for spinning gimmick which also one of my complaints too) so I have difficulties posing this figure. I have no idea if there is a way to lock it but maybe it’s already broken (since I bought it loose). And that spinning gimmick is stupid as I never see Optimus doing that ridiculous spinning punch. I don’t want to cover that gimmick because I hate it so much. Also I hate the paint jobs for this figure. It’s done half-heartedly.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t execute great pose, its articulations are the best point as I have little to no problem at all posing this figure.

Oh my, this figure is bad and technically is not worth to be collected. Just for the sake of me as Optimus-fetish to complete my collection. This is the time when I should have that premium expensive Masterpiece Optimus Prime, but when I can afford to buy it?

After a twist of turn, somehow I managed to buy Masterpiece Optimus Prime ^^a

Deluxe Class Movie Bumblebee Comparison

Before I start the comparison, I want to tell the story of my TFTM Deluxe Bumblebee screwed up my life last November. I bought this figure together as set with Voyager TFTM Optimus Prime. While Optimus is fragile (I broke his right hand), Bumblebee got double left door. That was disaster until someone helped me to get the right door.

So now, let’s see the comparison

Ah Bumblebee, lovable character from the movie. He never got so much attention better than his movie incarnation. Sure his G1 is already huge, but his movie version brings a new whole level of Bumblebee we have known. His design as Chevrolet Camaro proved to be well accepted while it is controversial on its own. Starting from movie incarnation, Bumblebee is now a mute scout (a trait that being used again in TF Prime).

From the design each has its own charm. TFTM version is 2007 Concept Camaro while DOTM version is 2012 SS Camaro, and both are great. No complain because I love Chevrolet Camaro. But I have to say that DOTM version slightly better than TFTM in my opinion. I don’t know why but I am being biased here. Probably because I watched DOTM in 3D last 2011 and this Bumblebee wins my heart a lot.

Transforming both figures are not that easy although quite predictable. Nothing surprising here rather than automorph gimmick from TFTM version and solid conversion in DOTM version (yeah, for the sake of the kids who bought him).

The weapon? I have to say I like TFTM weapon so much. Blaster that convert into sharp blade? It’s much much better than stupid mechtech blaster. I love the design of mechtech blaster for DOTM Bumblebee, but the application is a failure, enough said. I have the same complain from TF Prime Voyager Optimus Prime, the weapon must be pressed and can’t stand still because there is no mechanism to hold the weapon in pressed position.

And yes, Mechtech weapon looks ugly when attached in vehicle mode.

Both figures are technically fantastic in their robot mode. Too bad, my TFTM Deluxe Bumblebee has strange paint job (or defect?) from the box. Yeah, I have to much problems with this figure since I bought it. He looks like a Terminator :p

In the end, I love both figures though DOTM line wins a lot for me. It takes months for me to finally got him considering it is quite rare to find DOTM Deluxe Bumblebee now in my country. I don’t know why Bumblebee is so difficult to find here, but indeed the figure is great, at least half of my question ins answered properly.

Deluxe Class RTS Optimus Prime

At first glance, I don’t like this figure at all. The paint job is ridiculous and colossal mess. Combination of red, black, white, and blue on this figure proves to be a disaster.

The design of the vehicle mode is passable. I’m not a fan of this kind of truck which I called “half-hearted Bayformers truck”. Sure it has reminiscence of movie Optimus Prime by Michael Bay. It’s okay but not cup of my tea.

But this figure surely wins my heart with its simplicity and impressive transformation. It is not easy but satisfying.

The robot mode is fantastic. The design is his robot mode really wins my heart a lot. The head sculpt while quite strange and lack of Optimus-esque head, but it is still Optimus Prime. I just feel this is still Optimus in a different sense. And the weapon is superb. It has silly name called hidden sword, but indeed it is hidden as part of trailer connector in vehicle mode. After I saw Takara version which is in blue translucent, I wonder why Hasbro gives yellow translucent instead. I think blue weapon is much better.

I love this figure, this is Optimus where he is not so Optimus.

This is the figure where I think I should find its add-on (Battle Tanker by Maketoys). The figure itself is already that great but I do wish for Battle Tanker add-on, even if it is only knock-off version. This figure is recommended but maybe not so appealing to some people. And I forgot something, “rub the sign” gimmick (hence the line: Reveal the Shield) is pretty useless. Mine has already shown Autobot insignia without rubbing it at all.

Top Ten 2012 Figure Highlights

2012, a year deserved to be highlighted. It is noticeable that my interest shifted from Gundam (or plastic model) into Transformers. I will highlight ten best figures I purchased during the year of 2012.

10. Candy Toys FFR Kamen Rider Decade and Diend

I was so lucky, my friend in Surabaya helped me to get these figures in his local toy store. CT version is much better than the normal one. The articulation is good and nice representation Kamen Riders in small size.

9. Animated Optimus Prime (both Voyager and Deluxe)

As Optimus-fetish collector, these two are hard to miss. Again, I am so lucky getting the Sons of Cybertron version in a very cheap price. The voyager also looks very well. Until now, I have no idea about Transformers Animated, but both of them already made me happy. You can check the review here: Animated Optimus Prime Comparison.

8. SD Wing Gundam Endless Waltz

I don’t remember if this one appeared in Endless Waltz OVA, even the design is far from this one. But this SD figure is very good. I love SD version better considering I am not really interested in MG counterpart.

7. EZ Collection TF Prime Autobot Set

Enough said, check the recently reviewed set here: EZ Collection TF Prime Autobot Set. My online seller helped me getting this set from Japan.

6. Hongli NG 1/100 00 Raiser

Surprisingly for a bootleg plastic model, he is far superior in articulation than MG version. He is so big and so bad. One of my earlier figure reviewed on my WordPress. Check it here: Hongli NG 1/100 00 Raiser.

5. WFC Cybertronian Optimus Prime and FoC Optimus Prime.

Aside from everything I said in the review, this Optimus Prime is much better than FoC version. But I can’t help to have both side by side because hey, they are from the same incarnation and I can’t ignore both of them. Check my review of both figures here:
WFC Cybertronian Optimus Prime
FoC Optimus Prime

4. SIC KT Kuuga Rising Ultimate

Yes, I already have this one, but still mint in box. As my habit to let all of my SIC KT collections in MIB condition, I don’t want to open this too. I hate Kuuga Rising Ultimate, a useless form upgrade seen in Decade’s movie. But the figure, is actually pretty cool. Very tempting for me to open it out of the box. The picture above taken from Hacchaka. Check his “so great” review here: SIC KT Kuuga Rising Ultimate.

3. DA-03 Voyager DOTM Optimus Prime

He is “are you nuts?” purchase I have done in 2012. Slightly retooled from Hasbro release and trailer included. No matter what, I am so happy to have this set. Check my review here: DA-03 Voyager DOTM Optimus Prime.

2. Minipla Gekitouja

I thought I never get this set forever, but again, the same person who helped me getting CT FFR Decade & Diend offered this set, which hard for me to resist. To make it even better, this set completed with RinLion and RinChameleon to create GekiRinTouja, one of the best mecha in Super Sentai history, ever!

1. DX Dino Megazord 2010

This is my long time wishlist. Together with minipla Gekitouja, I never thought I finally own this. I almost give up getting this figure because of expensive price and its rare status. Thank God, I found one seller on Facebook group, and without hesitation I bought this childhood memorabilia. Yes I know this is 2010, but I chose this over original DX figure since this is updated version. Check my review here: DX Dino Megazord 2010.

That’s my top ten figures of 2012. I have to admit that I was so lucky to have all figures I mention here, considering I will slowly reduced my collecting habit, starting to settle my future to have a family. But I hope everything continues well in 2013.


Animated Optimus Prime Comparison

I bought both figures from the same incarnation but different in size class and editions. The figures that I compare here are Voyager Class and Deluxe Class from Sons of Cybertron edition (with translucent plastic). One thing to note that the voyager is made by Hasbro while the deluxe is made by Takara. Each has its own charm, but my taste prefer Voyager class merely from the size. But the translucent plastic also wins my heart a lot.

Vehicle mode of both figures are futuristic truck (or fire truck), and they are just cool. I particularly love voyager design more, but translucent plastic, again, win my heart a lot. Still, voyager is bulky (and that’s good) over empty backside and just an axe attached there. And the blaster from voyager class is actually a water-squirt gun. But I have tried it and failed. Oh well, a useless gimmick actually. Nobody wants to risk the figures by blasting water to them. And by the way, the smokestacks in deluxe are useless…

Both figures without weapon attachment. And I find deluxe figure is better in proportion. Just look at the placement of voyager’s front wheels. Weapon attachment makes such a huge difference.

Deluxe wins here. Just one single axe and that’s it. The axe from voyager is still good but not as good as the deluxe version. Translucent plastic also makes the axe far superior than voyager’s counterpart.

Tranformation-wise, both are easier. But the process is much simpler in voyager figure. If only without that stupid gimmick called auto gravitation spin in his torso then voyager can be better than deluxe figure. But the deluxe’s transformation is not as satisfying as voyager either. Yes, in my opinion voyager’s transformation is more fun.

I think voyager is show-accurate than deluxe one, and to be honest, voyager’s design in robot mode here is superior. The deluxe quite out of proportion this time in contrast to their vehicle modes.

One gimmick from voyager, you can choose either Optimus with mouth face or with mouthplate. And yes, he is much better with mouthplate. Still a nice addition to voyager. If only deluxe figure also have this gimmick because the mechanism is simple and technically can be applied too.

Although voyager is quite show-accurate, but deluxe class figure has better articulation ranges. The voyager’s axe looks bad and inferior compared with deluxe’s axe. They should release deluxe Optimus Prime with blaster to match his voyager counterpart. Luckily, the voyager blaster is compatible to be used with deluxe. On the other hand, and I find it strange, deluxe’s axe is not compatible with my voyager figure. I don’t know why, I have seen pictures of voyager animated Optimus Prime with deluxe’s axe. Well, that’s unfortunate…..

Both are great figures, and I am happy with both set. They are still a lot to be desired such as blaster for deluxe or better axe for voyager. They offer different gimmicks, each with their own charms. The designer of these figures is Shogo Hasui, and I must salute him.

Deluxe Class TF Generations FoC Ultra Magnus

This figure is a retool from FoC Optimus Prime with new paint job, new head sculpt, and new sword that can be combined with his ion blaster. Overall this figure is good on its own. The color is great, much better applied to Ultra Magnus than Prime himself. And the reason why I bought this? It’s the weapon that matters, a lot!

I don’t talk much about the transformation because it’s the same, no more no less. But the highlight of this figure are his head, his color, and his sword. I am pretty sure that the sword is the same sword Optimus used during his final battle against Megatron on the game. But the red color of the sword is not matching the red color of Optimus. Still, the sword itself is that great and can be combined into bigger sword if the blaster attached. Other than that, it’s your basic Prime figure named Ultra Magnus. And yes, his design is different from the game. Sadly, Ultra Magnus is just a DLC character, not involved in the story at all.

If you already have FoC Optimus, maybe this figure is easy to pass. But the sword is very tempting. If you don’t have FoC Optimus yet, pick this one instead. Still, they look nice when they are together.

WFC Cybertronian Optimus Prime

This is Optimus Prime from War for Cybertron game (2010), dubbed Cybertronian Optimus Prime. The design is futuristic (or dystopian) Cybertron-esque. As the game itself, this is Optimus in war time. I picked this one because I already have FoC Optimus Prime (the sequel figure), and I feel my collection is incomplete without this WFC Optimus.

Overall design is fantastic, I must say it’s even better than FoC version. But the difficulties of transforming him from vehicle to robot and vice versa is painful. So far, this is the most complicated transforming figure I ever have. But this figure is perfect both in robot and vehicle mode. The image proves it. Now I feel FoC Optimus is inferior to this WFC counterpart.

Is this worth buying? I say yes!
But consider the transformation, because it’s not easy at all.

Deluxe Class TF Generations FoC Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime has gone remodelling again

This design appears on Fall of Cybertron games and very different from previous installment (War of Cybertron).

This figure is not too accurate with the game appearance, quite slimmer and proportional than bulkier design from the game.
The vehicle mode is great, but lack of truck-esque design. I find the design is more of a battle car than a truck. And that is not a bad thing considering the storyline of the game where they were in Cybertron. It’s cool and stay true to Prime’s vehicle mode
Transforming part of this figure is fun. No irritating parts during transformation, and still satisfying figure to transform.
The robot mode is also great. Proportional and poseable. Considering the design, you can pose this Optimus as you like it. So much dynamism in this figure, and he looks cool from every sides.
Yes, for a deluxe size he is too small. I don’t know what’s going on with Hasbro or Takara. Getting expensive on the price but getting smaller on the size. If only this figure is a little bit bigger, or why don’t they make it into Voyager class?
This figure is worth to buy, but put some considerations before that it has major issues from size to price. He looks nice, proportional, sleek, and retains the feel of Optimus Prime as we are familiar with.