A Trip to Pamutusan Island

I am a geek, and heaven for me is just my own room full of action figures and toys I collect. I’m not a kind of person who loves traveling as I prefer to stay at home during holidays. After hectic days of finishing every assessments for last semester, I decided to join on a trip with my students for one day. They chose Pamutusan Island which I had no idea before. I know about Sikuai Island and a little bit about Pagang Island, I didn’t know that actually Pamutusan Island is near there.

(Sikuai beach)

Morning 9 AM, we started our trip from Bungus Teluk Kabung using a speed boat pulling banana boat we ride. This is the first time I experience such and it turned out to be great. We arrived at Sikuai Island first to experience extreme banana boat drifting. Well I didn’t survive any of that drifting. It’s fun but so exhausting.

(Pamutusan Island)

Then we continue to our real destination. At first they informed me earlier days before we would go to Pagang Island, but one of them said we decided to Pamutusan Island not Pagang as it’s already been commercialized and we would have more fun in Pamutusan. We have made the right decision as Pamutusan Island is better than Pagang. We went hiking and snorkeling there.

(another Pamutusan Island beach behind)

The view here is very very beautiful. Everything is still fresh, quite, calm, and peaceful. This is the feeling I want when having such trip.

(View from the top)

In short, I am so happy to join this trip. This is a nice experience to have. For those who wants to go to West Sumatra, this is a must place to visit.

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Smallest Transforming Transformers Optimus Prime (KO)

Another Optimus Prime collection, and this one is the smallest ever.

I thought legend class is already small enough but this one deserve the name smallest because it’s so small, not only this is the smallest Transformers figure I own, it’s the smallest mecha figure I collect.

Year 2009, I saw this figure (original Takara version) when there was Transformers toys exhibition in a local mall (I wasn’t in my hometown. It was the time when I was still studying for my master degree in Jakarta), and I just love this one. It’s very small yet retains all gimmicks from the original toy (G1 Optimus Prime). But I heard at that time, Smallest Transforming Transformers Optimus Prime (mistakenly called World Smallest Transformers or WST), until now, is a rare figure and expensive as hell. So getting the original toy is an impossible task for me who always put budget issue first when buying toys.

Then, I heard there is knock-off version of this STT Optimus Prime made by HeeroToysMaker and my friend can import this one. But I have to wait almost one month because the delivery went nowhere until it finally arrives. So here it is, STT Optimus Prime.

Vehicle mode, it’s Peterbilt truck with trailer, the iconic alt form of G1 Optimus Prime. I have nothing to complain, in fact, it’s the strongest feature of this figure rather than its robot mode.

The trailer can be opened up and we have everything here. Repair module with tiny winy Roller. Repair module can be moved although it is limited. And strangely, this figure gives two ion blasters, one for Roller and one for Optimus himself. I don’t know why but that’s a great addition. Yes, Roller needs that blaster because the size is so small, it needs something significant.

Transforming the truck into robot mode is very very difficult……not.

This is Optimus Prime in his smallest G1 incarnation. I have nothing to complain also. Expecting articulations? No, everything that we need from this kind of figure is already there. Why need articulations for such small figure?

For Optimus-fetish, this is hard to resist. And this is funny for me, after buying the biggest Optimus Prime Masterpiece (yeah, MP-10, the biggest of my collection, not MP-4 which is even bigger) I got the smallest counterpart. Overall, as a knockoff toy, HeeroToysMakers really get the job well. I like it and I have no complain at all. It’s so rare that I don’t complain the figure.

Ryuuseishin Great-Lio (KO)

Seriously, I only watch Sazer-X episode 1 and episode 38 since I had no particular interest in this series at all. But one thing that memorable to me from the series was Great-Lio. A mecha based on lion with simple yet effective transformation/combination. I found this bootleg/knock off figure in my local department store with cheap price (around US $5).

This is a surprising knock off figure, aside from common issue we have from KO figure such as cheap plastic quality, lacking feature,  and wrong paintjob, Great-Lio actually retains almost everything from the original toy. The scale is good, proportional, and the biggest surprise I got from this one is that Great-Lio has great articulation points. Yes, the joints are very tight but it looks pretty darn good to be posed or displayed since the design itself is already a kind of mecha that I like.

This set consists of Lio-Carrier ship and a Core Calibur figure. For the Core Calibur figure itself, it is a humanoid fighter with good range of articulations so you can have decent pose. Unfortunately, Core Calibur can’t be transformed into spaceship (is it?) so I can’t be combined with Lio-Carrier. Still it can be folded as the core for X-Formation to create a Ryuuseishin (Shooting Star God). On a funny note, the name of this KO toy is “Superstar Heros” (yes, heros not heroes), maybe there is something that lost in translation (shooting star to superstar). Also, Core Calibur is less painted, very plain.

Combining them is very fun. I don’t need instruction manual at all because it’s so easy and predictable. But the tabs and the clips on this set are in good condition, which surprised me again. The plastic quality is very low but not fragile at all. It’s pretty solid. I have no problem in combining all of them.


Great-Lio deserves his name correctly, it’s great. It’s very proportional, not bulky or skinny at all. Kudos to Konami actually as they are the original maker of this toy. Even this KO toy retains everything in robot mode. We still have that Lio-javelin, twin short blades that hidden on waist’s javelin sheath.

For a KO figure, it worth more than its price. This offers more than I have expected, and that means good. I realize now that this KO is smaller than the original toy, which supposed to be the serious contender to that ‘bricky’ DX Sentai mecha toy. Though, the transformation or the combination is not inspiring at all, pretty predictable, not that complex,  and nothing new there. Still, this is knocked off figure and to think this set retains almost everything from the original makes me really really happy.

Game Dev Tycoon

This is a unique game but not an original creation. Game Dev Tycoon (GDT) is a business simulation game where the focus of this game is to manage a game company. The basic idea is borrowed or inspired heavily from Game Dev Story by Kairosoft. While GDS set as sandbox simulation game with small scale, as their platforms are only in iOS and Android, GDT simply enhanced the experience by adding more realistic mechanism and realistic approach. Greenheart Games as the developer of this game successfully simulate how game developer’s life would be in real life.

Those who have played GDS will have no difficulties or take more times to understand how the game works, but this is GDS in steroids. GDT is a difficult game to be played (or in this sense, to be managed) because this game basically enlarge what Kairosoft had done from their game, in larger and realistic scale. The gameplay is simple and very addictive, at the same time, difficult and can be frustrating.This is not a game for newbie, this is a game for those who appreciate the world of video games in general.

The developer of the game knows how to add easter eggs, real life references, even absurd jokes implemented on the gameplay. From game console parody to scam/fraud mail reference, this game is so familiar to those who follow the history of video games since the era of Commodore 64 until today.

Yes, this game is not for beginner. Easy in gameplay but difficult in finishing it. For a game with price tag of $8, this game really worth the price.

Score: 4 out of 5

VGMC-AGMAC, Penipuan Tak Berkesudahan

Sebelumnya saya mengucapkan terima kasih pada semua pengunjung blog, ternyata postingan saya yang berjudul VGMC Itu Penipuan menjadi populer dan disimak dengan serius. Jadi, bagi yang baru membaca postingan ini, ada baiknya menyimak apa yang saya tulis di tulisan sebelumnya. Tujuan saya saat itu hanya agar tidak ada lagi korban2 penipuan (scam) berbasis skema Ponzi ini semakin berjatuhan. Tapi sayangnya saya keliru, VGMC lebih lihai sekarang dengan adanya AGMAC dan semakin aneh2 dengan CPS Platinum dan CPS Silver yang saya sendiri orang awam melihatnya jadi geli tapi tambah prihatin. Berita terbaru sendiri menyebutkan ada pula namanya Deklarasi Pemegang Saham yang buat saya hanyalah praktek mengulur2 episode ke-sekian kalinya.

Saya akan bahas satu2 agar semua yang membaca postingan saya lebih mudah memahami konten yang saya utarakan. Dan mohon maaf, saya tidak bisa menulis ini dalam bahasa Inggris karena target saya untuk postingan ini adalah untuk orang Indonesia yang paling banyak terjebak oleh penipuan ini. Dan saya tidak akan pakai bahasa bertele2, saya akan melihat dari sisi awam dan humanis sehingga lebih mudah dipahami.


Asian Gold Mining Asset Corporation (AGMAC) ditujukan untuk mengalihkan CPS Gold yang sudah macet sejak Oktober 2012 kemarin. Dari sini saja sudah bisa ditebak kalau orientasi investasi VGMC jadi kabur dan sangat tidak masuk akal. Pertanyaan yang menjadi krusial gara2 hal ini adalah: Jadi VGMC ini perusahaan tambang, atau perusahaan investasi tambang, atau investasi emas semata atau apa sih? Pengelolaan Professional Closed End Fund (PCEF) sendiri kok malah terkesan semakin ribet? Kok bisa2nya dialihkan?

Saya lebih membacanya sebagai usaha mengulur2 waktu dan memberi harapan2 “menjelang IPO” yang entah berapa banyak korban VGMC mengerti maksudnya. Sekarang pertanyakan saja secara logis, dulu memasukkan uang dalam jumlah besar agar mendapat deviden segera kan? Kok mau diulur2?

Atau jawab saja pertanyaan yang sampai detik ini tak terjawab: di mana lokasi tambang emas VGMC?

2. Deklarasi Pemegang Saham

Ini apa? Dalam dunia investasi setahu saya tidak ada namanya deklarasi pemegang saham. Saya membacanya ini sebagai usaha menilapkan saham yang dimiliki shareholder karena bisa saja perusahaan mengalihkan kepemilikan saham preferen ke saham biasa atau sebaliknya. Ini mana ada dalam dunia saham atau investasi? Kok bisa ya AGMAC memperlakukan ini?

3. CPS Silver dan CPS Platinum

Ini saja sudah cukup membuktikan ketidak-konsistenan VGMC/AGMAC dalam menjalankan bisnis ini. SH dipaksa beralih ke platina lalu diberi pula opsi kepemilikan perak. Di mana2 itu yang ditawarkan itu adalah saham kepemilikan perusahaan, bukan saham produk. Kalau saya ingin memiliki saham Google, maka yang saya mau itu ya saham kepemilikan atas Google, bukan sahamnya Google Translate, GMail, Google Earth, Google Map, YouTube, Blogger, ataupun produk Google lainnya.

Saya membaca lebih sebagai usaha memperpajang nafas perputaran uang deviden yang sudah macet di CPS Gold.


Tergiur fix income (pendapatan tetap), itulah yang menjadi alasan kenapa banyak orang menginvestasikan uangnya pada permainan ini. Dengan target masyarakat kelas menengah ke bawah yang buta dunia investasi lalu dengan mudah saja terperdaya hanya dengan unsur “kepercayaan dan positive thinking“. Dalam dunia ini tidak pernah filosofinya “positive thinking” melulu. Saya selalu beradu argumen dengan mereka yang pro VGMC yang sayangnya selalu tidak tepat sasaran. Saya beragumen menggunakan logika dan pertimbangan yang jelas, saya selalu dijawab dengan alasan2 beraroma ‘jangan berburuk sangka dulu’, ‘kita tunggu saja nanti saat IPO’, atau alasan2 yang lebih berbau ngeles ketimbang menjawab pertanyaan saya tersebut.

Semua pertanyaan yang saya ajukan di postingan saya sebelumnya tidak ada satupun terjawab sampai saat ini.

Sekarang saya bicara dari sisi humanis, skema ponzi adalah realitas masyarakat kita yang serakah (greedy), mau senang tanpa usaha, dan tidak telaah sebelum bertindak. Saya hanya bisa mengurut dada saat membaca keluhan2 korban VGMC yang sudah kesulitan finansial tetapi deviden yang diharapkan tak kunjung datang. Kesulitan finansialnya sendiri tak tanggung2. Saya bahkan mendengar ada yang sampai menggadaikan ladang sawitnya, meminjam dana dari Bank kelewat besar, hingga ada yang memakan biaya haji dan umrah keluarga sendiri.

Tulisan ini tidak mengangkat hal yang baru, karena semua yang saya tulis di postingan sebelumnya sudah kelewat jelas dan berdasar. Yang sampai saat ini masih mengherankan, kenapa masih banyak yang ngotot membela VGMC mati2an sementara dari VGMC sendiri benar2 tidak pernah jelas dan tidak pernah konsisten. Terutama poin konsistensi, ini yang tidak pernah dipegang sama sekali. SH dipaksa top-up terus menerus, dipaksa mengalihkan saham, berkali2 bilang IPO tapi tak jelas prosesnya, dll. Jika dibawa berpikir, adalah aneh sebuah investasi tapi penanam modalnya dibuat ketar-ketir terus, dibuat gelisah, dibuat panik karena ketidak-jelasan.

Ada sebuah ironi yang miris kala terjadi adu argumen antara mereka yang pro-VGMC dan yang kontra-VGMC. Jawaban2 yang diberikan sudah bisa dinilai oleh orang awam sekalipun. Apabila pro-VGMC memberikan argumen, maka argumen seluruhnya mampu dipatahkan dengan analisis yang tepat oleh para kontra-VGMC. Sementara mereka yang pro-VGMC tidak pernah memberikan jawaban2 yang memuaskan atas pertanyaan2 krusial yang diajukan. Umumnya pasti akan ‘ngeyel’ dan ‘ngeles’ semisal ini investasi unsur kepercayaan, kenapa kontra-VGMC ribut terus, atau malah mengalihkan topik tanpa menjawab pertanyaan2 krusial tadi.

Seriously, I’m tired of this s**t!

Saya menulis ini dan mereka yang kontra-VGMC menentang bukan karena apa2 kecuali menghindari banyak orang2 berjatuhan karena penipuan2 yang awalnya diiming2i oleh VGA ambassador VGMC tersebut. Saya pribadi tidak ingin apa2 kecuali tidak lagi melihat berbagai keluhan dan kesedihan karena sudah banyak program2 serupa yang lebih dulu kolaps. Tapi itu tadi, masyarakat tidak suka belajar dari sejarah, dan ini yang terjadi sekarang. Berbulan2 dijanjikan bakal IPO, bakal IPO, bakal IPO, bagaimana mau IPO sementara laporan tahunan saja tak pernah ada. Bagaimana pula orang masih dipaksa ‘positive thinking‘ yang memalsukan itu sementara ‘realistic thinking‘ yang sebenarnya paling diperlukan justru diabaikan begitu saja. Masyarakat kita dipermainkan, diperas, dan dijadikan bahan olok2an karena kurangnya kekritisan pemikiran kita akan berbagai hal, termasuk investasi bodong ini.

Saya hanya bisa klise, tapi tapi saran saya sangat sederhana. Jadilah pribadi yang kritis.

Di saat ada sesuatu hal yang baru tetapi menggiurkan dan sulit dipercaya, seharusnya ditelaah lebih dalam. Dikenali seluk-beluknya terlebih dahulu, apa dan bagaimana proses bisnis beserta resiko2nya. Mana izin bisnisnya, bagaimana prospek ke depannya, dll. Kita harus mencari tahu lebih banyak, digali sumber informasi seluas2nya sebelum bisa percaya.

Mungkin ini tidak ada hubungannya, tapi mental2 seperti ini bisa saja diakibatkan oleh perilaku masyarakat Indonesia yang malas membaca. Membaca itu penting karena dengan membaca kita menjadi mengerti akan suatu hal. Saya rasa membaca Al-Quran tetapi hanya dalam konteks ‘melafazkan’ saja tanpa mengerti isinya hanya akan sia2 saja. Justru membaca Al-Quran lalu dibahas (ditelaah) isinya yang membuat seseorang berilmu dan malah semakin beriman. Setelah digali kebenarannya barulah bisa kita percaya isinya. Tapi ironi seperti ini juga yang banyak terjadi di Indonesia yang mengaku penduduk Muslim terbesar di dunia. Membaca tapi lebih banyak ‘melafazkan’ ketimbang ‘mendalami’ bacaannya itu.

Seperti juga pada VGMC ini, banyak mereka yang terperangkap dan baru menyadari ini penipuan diakibatkan kurangnya pengetahuan pun tidak berinisiatif mencari lebih lanjut. Pun sampai sekarang masih ngeyel dan ngotot sementara argumen2 kritis justru tak didengarkan. Berbisnis dan investasi tidak bisa berjalan dengan otak bebal dan tak kritis. Apalagi kalau memang bisnis berorientasi pada profit, semestinya berhati2 agar profit itu berkejelasan. Toh profit yang jelas membuktikan sehat tidaknya sebuah investasi bukan?

Harapan saya saat ini cuma satu, VGMC, AGMAC, atau berbagai bisnis skema Ponzi lainnya musnah dari negeri ini. Itu saja.



Sejujurnya, saya benar2 jenuh dengan fanatisme sempit tak terdidik ini. Inilah tipikal masyarakat kelas menengah ke bawah kita yang kurang paham investasi kecuali mengharapkan deviden yang tujuannya sangat tidak mulia dengan cara yang tak ada kerja kerasnya sama sekali. Sebagai seseorang yang berkecimpung dalam bidang budaya atau humanities, ini adalah realita yang menyesakkan saya karena jauh panggang dari api. Membuat masyarakat yang kritis itu memang bukan perkara mudah memang, tapi hanya melalui tulisan seperti ini pula saya bisa berjuang.

Banyak yang bertanya pada saya, siapa lah saya ini? Bukan orang bidang ekonomi dan investasi, saya hanyalah seorang dosen bidang Cultural Studies yang juga penggemar budaya populer (makanya isinya kebanyakan adalah objek budaya populer yang memang merupakan hobi saya). Tapi apa yang saya tulis adalah apa yang terlihat oleh mata kepala saya sendiri. Bolehlah saya dibilang hanya melihat dari luar saja, saya bukan SH, saya tidak ikut di dalamnya tapi sok menganalisis. Saya hanya bisa bilang, tulisan saya ini saja sudah sangat terlambat dibandingkan banyaknya korban2 investasi bodong ini berjatuhan. Lagipula, dari awal tulisan saya memang disasar pada mereka yang awam seperti saya ini, tetapi dengan bahasa yang sederhana dan bisa mudah dimengerti siapapun. Mungkin karena itu pula tulisan saya soal VGMC itu Penipuan menjadi sangat2 populer dan direspon.

Mungkin ini pesan saya yang perlu disimak dengan baik2:
Kenapa masih percaya pada hal2 yang kontradiktif? Kenapa masih ‘dipaksa’ ber-positive thinking sementara realita yang terjadi berkata sebaliknya? Kalau benar kita ini terdidik, semestinya keterdidikan kita mampu mempertanyakan dan mempermasalahkan ketidakpastian dan ketidakkonsistenan yang terjadi, bukan?

Awal mula saya menulis tentang VGMC dan skema Ponzi berawal dari tulisan saya yang berjudul “Investasi Emas?” yang aslinya dipublikasikan di notes FB saya. Berikut ini dua tulisan sebelumnya termasuk “VGMC itu Penipuan”

Investasi Emas?: https://edriasandika.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/investasi-emas/
VGMC itu Penipuan: https://edriasandika.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/vgmc-itu-penipuan/

BIMA The Garuda Warrior, The Hype


A new superhero revealed recently to be aired June 2013 entitled BIMA Satria Garuda or BIMA the Garuda Warrior. This series is made by MNC Group together with Ishimori Pro, well-known for Kamen Rider, for 26 episodes with merchandises courtesy of Bandai.

Now this is a serious project, very promising, and a good sign for the development of Indonesian Superhero industries. And I have to be honest that I am so excited about this news. Although not the first Indonesian “live-action” (read: tokusatsu) technically, but overall receptions that I can sum are pretty well.

Their marketing strategies are in good track. Merchandises by Bandai and Stella from JKT48 are effective magnet to attract wide audiences. Judging from the design of BIMA itself, I must admit that it’s very cool. A mix of Ryuki, OOO Tajadol, Faiz & Kaixa, heavy influence of Kamen Rider from head to toe. Not using a belt as transforming device is a good decision to differentiate it from Kamen Rider.

I am so excited, I really hope this series will be well received and can expand the franchise further. I am not skeptical at all considering the good hype and Ishimori Pro’s involvement to this series. I think MNC now realize that buying series’ license of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai to be aired in here (Indonesia)  is not wise, instead they create their own production for Indonesian market. Good judgment there as the fans nowadays just download fansubbed version of them.

Let’s pray this series will be good as the hype we have today. I am also tempted to collect the toys too ^^a

BIMA The Garuda Warrior teaser



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Gashapon Dekaranger Robo (Ver 1.5)

I got this figure with cheap price, and I am so lucky to get this set.

Dekaranger Robo is one of my favorite Sentai mecha due to its bulkiness, ridiculous siren gimmick, and its status as definite police mecha. Back then, I wish I could buy DX toy of this Dekaranger Robo, but its expensive until now. I only bought a terrible knocked off version and yes, it deserves the name I gave. But I didn’t know what figure that became the base of knocked off figure I bought until I realize that this set is the answer.

For those who want to own Dekaranger Robo figure but can’t afford to buy, then this set is a perfect choice. It retains everything you’ve found in DX counterpart, except the sound gimmick, gyro-wappa, and signal canon (which is given to another version  of this gashapon). To my surprise, it also has light gimmick. For this small scale, this figure offers more than enough.

Dekamashin (or Dekamachines?) look gorgeous. Less paint job doesn’t look bad, they fit perfectly for a gashapon release, much better than applying sticker like in Minipla. Speaking of the machines, they are Patstriker, Patgyror, Pattrailer, Patarmor, and Patsigner. Very sentai-ish name in my opinion. Patstriker, Patgyror, and Pattrailer have light gimmick while Patarmor and Patsigner have pull back motor mechanism. Also, Pattrailer can detach its trailer and become semi truck.

Combine these machine and there we have Dekaranger Robo or Delta Squad Megazord in Power Rangers SPD. Combining them is easy, but what can you expect? Note that floodlights part from Patarmor can be detached.

Dekaranger Robo looks amazing for this small scale. I feel this just like a DX being shrunken as it retains light gimmick which is very important. Luckily, this set gives Judgement Sword instead of Signal Canon (the gun). Although I do like police mecha has gun as weapon, for “Sentai mecha” its always be the sword. Now I realize this gashapon is actually Dekaranger Robo ver 1.5 (original gashapon release gives you Signal Canon).

Yes, this mecha is too small and no articulation points to be discussed, but I don’t mind at all. Look at my knocked off Superion and Microzord Engine Shogun Megazord compared to this figure, you will understand why.

It’s simple, great, bulky, sometimes cute, satisfying gimmick, and cheap.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime 2012 Toys R Us Exclusive

This is Hasbro version, not MP-10 Takara Tomy, and as far as I can say, Hasbro version is better.

This is my ultimate wishlist in collecting Transformers figures. To think that finally I can get this one is truly an achievement for me. This is one of the best if not “the best” G1 Optimus Prime ever made, surpassing previous MP-1 or MP-4 releases. Did I ever said that Classic  Optimus Prime / Henkei Convoy can surpass this quality. Let me correct it myself, nothing that can surpass this figure. This expensive, premium, high quality, ridiculous complete gimmicks, of Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime in his original incarnation, G1, is an amazing figure. This release gives us the figure, the trailer, roller, small Spike Witwicky figure, and weapons to add maximum values of playing. It’s the complete Transformers features ever done in one figure. It’s so complete that I might be missing several features that I have documented for this review. I’m so sorry if my review is not enough, until now I am still amazed how this figure surpassed my expectations. Even I have difficulties taking pictures of everything not because the figure itself, it’s just me who is being biased all the time and couldn’t concentrate well.

Getting this figure is a dramatic experience for me. There are so many people, until now. still targeting this Toys R Us exclusive. Check eBay and see the price of this figure if you don’t believe me.

What Optimus Prime would be without his trailer. Damn, this figure is very very very beautiful in vehicle mode. A semi truck with trailer based on Kenworth K100, this figure by far is the best representation of G1 Optimus Prime, better than any others. Thank you Hasbro, you just made so many fans happy and this release is worth the price (even cheaper than Takara Tomy MP-10 version). Just look at vehicle mode without considering other things here and there you have a big bad boy replica of semi truck.

The trailer itself has a lot of features. From repair module, weapon storage, Roller, ramp, hitches to stand the trailer without the truck, even the side-stands (to hold the trailer when opened) has automechanism. Lots of details here, just look at the mold. Whoever the designers are, they just made a masterpiece, hence the name.

The trailer can be opened (just like G1 original toy) and we have repair module. This trailer can store the weapon, extend the claw, Spike figure can be attached on the module itself. Oh man, so many features only from the trailer. Also, the module can be put outside the trailer by revealing small parts on both sides (check the photo later).

Optimus in his vehicle mode without a trailer is still great. A believable semi-truck, no robot kibble parts can be seen. The chrome on gas tank, smokestacks, tires, and the grill make this truck mode is a fantastic replication of Kenworth K100 ever. It also has side mirrors on both sides which are not that necessary but still add more values to this figure. Too bad, I forgot to unfold both. Also not to forget, the tires on this truck (and also the trailer) are rubber tires, not plastic. Spike can be attached here as well, though it’s strange to attach him by opening the window rather than the door. Still, having Spike drives the truck adds realism to the figure.

Transforming the figure is very complicated. To make it worse, I don’t have any instruction manual at all. I have checked the box but still nothing can be found. Luckily, the progress of transformation is your generic Optimus Prime G1 that is predictable. We still have fake grill, twisting torso, and twisting hands.

Optimus Prime arise!

In robot mode, Optimus Prime looks sleek, proportional, straight from G1 cartoon-esque. No kibble, and no vehicle parts can be seen. Ion blaster is stored at his backpack and can be unfold easily by pressing the white button on the blaster and voila, that menacing blaster is ready to arm Optimus.

Oh my, this figure is highly poseable. So many articulation points available here. What a great representation of Optimus Prime ever. Beside that Ion Blaster, it does come with energon axe that easily can be attached to his right hand. It looks cool.

Open the chest compartment and there it is, Matrix of Leadership which is made from die-cast metal. No Autobot is better to hold it except Optimus, not even Hot Rod. That matrix can be taken out but I rather not bother it.

On an interesting note, Prime’s head sculpt is better in Habro version. This one does have his eyes painted while Takara version doesn’t. And I think this kind of head sculpt makes Optimus look younger (?). I like this kind of sculpt better.

Combine both Optimus with his trailer and then we have repair base. Nice way to display the figure if it is not in vehicle mode.

Now, we come to Roller. It looks very cool, solid, and better than Takara version in my opinion. I like to have Roller in blue rather in silver. Spike can be inserted here together with Ion Blaster. And one neat feature that answers our curiosity about where Optimus’s trailer went if he transformed. Roller can be attached to the trailer too just like Optimus Prime. That’s a great feature needed for this release. Roller’s functionality is crucial to Optimus Prime.

Overall, this figure is fantastic times millions but not perfect in every senses. Some of the chrome parts of my figure are already torn because of my carelessness. Luckily my brother told me this can be solved easily by adding chrome nail polish. Also, when in vehicle mode, both feet can’t be pegged unless the trailer is attached. But if the trailer is attached, the gas can now that can’t be pegged because of it. Oh Hasbro, why you miss this one quality flaw? But never mind, The value of this figure is so high that makes me forget about the flaw.

But, this figure is deserved to be a masterpiece. Complete gimmick, great design, satisfying mechanism, this figure is just great great geat. I feel my journey is completed. Let me warn you this straight, the price of this release is currently skyrocketting (as other MP figures also), so if you can grab this, GRAB IT WITHOUT HESITATION!

Multiply dan Segala Kenangannya

26 April 2013

Saya melihat pengumuman dari Multiply Indonesia bahwa mereka tutup per tanggal 6 Mei 2013. Dijelaskan bahwa mereka benar2 berhenti menjalankan usaha tanggal 31 Mei 2013 tanpa disertai alasan yang jelas. Saya membaca artikel di Kompas bahwa MP gagal menjadi yang terdepan dalam e-commerce.


29 April 2013

Seharusnya hari ini adalah perayaan situs MP saya yang dulu beralamat di http://airde.multiply.com yang ke-7. Saya memulai segala2nya pada tanggal 29 April 2006. Enam tahun lebih saya memiliki kehidupan kedua di MP tersebut. Bertemu dengan mereka yang sehobi, berinteraksi, berbagi informasi, dan banyak lagi. Dan semua kesenangan itu musnah ketika MP memberikan pengumuman penutupan fasilitas jejaring sosialnya dan beralih ke e-commerce pada bulan Agustus 2012 yang lalu.

Saya kesal? Iya!

Saya sudah memprediksi kalau terobosan ini akan sia2, dan cenderung justru akan menghancurkan MP sendiri. MP diminati banyak blogger (termasuk saya) karena kemudahan dan fasilitasnya yang lengkap. Itu yang dihilangkan oleh MP, jadi saya berpikir bagaimana caranya membangun basis pengguna baru sementara basis pengguna yang lama saja diperlakukan seperti ini? Basis pengguna setia justru ditelantarkan dan dianggap angin lalu saja.

Dan saya tidak melakukan apapun pada MP saya, tidak membuat cadangan atau tindakan penyelamatan lainnya.

Postingan terakhir saya adalah figureview terhadap Dino Megazord MMPR 2010 yang ironisnya lebih dulu dirilis di blog WordPress saya ini. Saya memang sudah jauh2 hari memberdayakan Edria’s Realm yang baru di WP karena ulah MP itu. Saya tidak bisa berlarut2 terjebak romantisme MP dan terus berjalan. Meskipun akibatnya terasa jelas, kawan2 di MP terpecah2 sekarang. Ada yang di Blogspot, WordPress, Posterous (bahkan yang ini juga udah mati), atau hilang dari peredaran sama sekali.

Tapi melihat isi MP saya sendiri, saya merasa sudah pantas untuk hilang. Ada banyak hal yang memalukan pernah terjadi di situ, meskipun memang lebih banyak hal2 indahnya. Tapi tidak ada yang abadi di dunia ini.

Dan sekarang saya mendapatkan fakta kalau MP gagal total dalam kancah e-commerce. Saya dari awal memang sudah sinis. Bagaimana mungkin MP yang reputasinya sebagai penyedia blog dan fitur jejaring sosial mau dan mampu menyaingi FJB Kaskus, Toko Bagus, Berniaga, Lazada, yang sudah lebih dulu populer. MP terlalu naif dengan memindahkan kantor pusat ke Jakarta sementara Indonesia masih merupakan pangsa pasar yang jelek dalam hal internet. MP memanfaatkan momentum yang keliru, apa karena penjualan dalam jaringan (online electronic commerce) tengah berkembang di Indonesia lalu bisa saja langsung jadi pemimpin pasar? Atau hanya karena jumlah penduduk Indonesia (dan Filipina) yang banyak? Pandangan sinis saya tersebut boleh dibilang terbukti terlalu cepat. MP layu sebelum berkembang.

Kesalahan terbesar MP adalah menelantarkan dan mengusir pengguna setia (seperti saya ini).

MP sudah ibarat rumah kedua bagi saya dulunya. Kalau ada apa2 di internet saya akan lari ke sana. Interaksi yang hangat, bebas menjadi diri sendiri, dan beragamnya topik yang diketengahkan membuat MP menjadi dunia virtual yang nyaman bagi pribadi2 seperti diri saya ini. Saya benar2 menjadi diri sendiri, tidak terkungkung oleh status saya yang dosen. Saya di MP sama dengan pengguna lainnya. Saya menerima dan diterima oleh mereka2 yang nimbrung di situ. Saya berteman dan bertengkar di situ. Saya berinteraksi dan bereaksi di situ.

Hancur hati saya saat membaca pengumuman dari MP bulan Agustus 2012 tersebut. Saya tidak bisa berkata dan berbuat banyak. Rumah kedua saya digusur dengan alasan yang tak masuk akal.

Sekarang boleh dibilang, saya nyaman dengan WordPress tetapi tetap saja belum mampu menyaingi interaksi MP yang menjadi andalannya. Sejujurnya, saya merasa sendiri di WP ini, karena miskin interaksi. Pun saya masih posting ini posting itu hanya karena selalu ingin menyalurkan apa yang saya bisa, menulis. Toh siapa saya ini? Bukan orang terkenal juga.

MP boleh mati, tapi saya masih jalan terus. Biarlah yang jadi kenangan tetap jadi kenangan yang indah. Saya tidak akan melupakan MP, tapi saya tidak bisa romantis. Bahwa saya masih memiliki banyak jalan di ranah virtual ini.

About Me and Transformers

Transformers (TF for short) has already become one of popular cultures that I love. But I have a very long long history dealing with this franchise. I admit, TF wasn’t a significant part of my childhood at all. Back then, it was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (before understanding the existence of Super Sentai) that amazed me most. Beside that MMPR, I mostly enjoyed Kamen Rider Black (and RX), several tokusatsu series, anime, and several cartoons that aired on my local TV stations.

I have heard the name “Transformers”, but I didn’t know what it was other than an expensive toyline. My first encounter to TF franchise was when TF Generation 2 aired on both my local and Malaysian TV stations (complete with toy commercials) in 1995-1997. At that time, I thought G2 is the continuation and G1 existed as prequel and had different story. Although I did like the commercial, but I had no intention to buy the toys because that wasn’t my ideal type of toys since I was (and still is) influenced by Super Sentai. Still, TF is considered as super robot or mecha and I am myself is a mecha-fetish. Yeah, I never own original TF toys at all.

Speaking of G2 cartoon, I watched it every Sunday at 9 AM as part of Sunday morning cartoon marathon (I missed those days) in almost every TV stations here. At that time I was introduced to Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Rodimus Prime, Jazz, Prowl, Wheeljack and many more characters. Funny to thing back then that Rodimus Prime is Optimus’ successor and stayed somewhere else (I had no idea about TF Movie where Optimus died) while Optimus was in charge in another part of Earth. Silly childhood’s interpretation. I didn’t care about which episodes which, continuations, or anything, except watching another episode of TF and that’s about it.

Then, came Beast Wars Transformers and Beast Machines during my teenage days. I watched both series but I was too busy with my study. The only thing that I remember is Optimus Primal changed into Optimal Optimus. Several years passed and I heard live-action movie, I heard and watched TF Galaxy Force (Japanese original version of TF Cybertron), I knew there was TF Animated. Years passed but I just cared less about TF.

2011, my friends from Multiply decided to have gathering in Pondok Indah Mall and without a doubt I joined it. That was a fun experience because beside that gathering, I watched TF Dark of the Moon in 3D together with them. That was my first time watching 3D movie. After I watched it I ran into nearest toy store and bought Cyberverse DOTM Optimus Prime. Still, my interest in TF stayed the same. Cyberverse lineup did impressed me, but I still thought that TF toys were expensive for my budget.

DOTM also gave me a lot of impressions and I tried to respect the whole live-action movies, but failed. In my opinion, live action movie trilogy are nothing but explosion-vaganza. Characterizations are cheesy, lack of attentions to Transformers lifeform themselves, and overall designs are not that good compared to the past incarnations. For DOTM itself, missing Megan Fox from the story proved to be a major blow. And yes, I hate that Sam Witwicky (particularly Shia LeBouf) for every stupidities he had done.

And so, came TF Prime, a new television series in 2011. At first I cynically thought that TF Prime was Bayformers in form of TV series. I was wrong, TF is actually a good series, probably the best TF series ever made. It’s darker, serious, sarcastically humorous, and takes different approach from previous series. Not only TF Prime series that caught my attention, but the game Fall of Cybertron also hooked me to finally started collecting the toys. It was FoC Deluxe Optimus Prime that sparked my interest and shifting it from Gundam and particularly plastic model kit in general. Since then, lots and lots TF figures I bought and some of them are reviewed here.

After that, I read dozens of articles related to Transformers universes ranging from toylines (I got headache to realize about deco, redeco, repaints, etc), past movies and series, everything about Hasbro and Takara Tomy, and many more.

So, my favorite character from TF? It’s obviously the charismatic leader himself, Optimus Prime. I love this character since I watched him from G2 cartoon. Whatever Optimus Prime’s incarnations are, I just love them all. Most of my TF collections are Optimus Prime, from G1 until Beast Hunters. I guess I understand why I love this character. While my favorite characters from other pop cultures are mainly antagonist (Darth Vader, Gouki/Akuma, Evil Green Ranger, Raphael Sorel, etc), Optimus Prime is a very different case. He is in fact he is not only a role model for his integrity, passion, leadership, honor, or compassion. He is some kind of father figure to me. A figure I need to be. I understand I love this character even more today. I am not married yet but soon to, and somehow I repress my desire to be a “father” by channeling it to fictional characters, which is Optimus himself. A father figure is something that not only you idolize, but also you want yourself to be him by eliminating him (similar case to Macbeth from William Shakespeare eponymous play towards King Duncan). Maybe my love to Optimus Prime is my fear of not getting married yet. Who knows, this is just my speculative analysis though.

Enough with psychoanalysis, I appreciate TF toys not only as toys. They are pieces of art. A lineup of mechas that can be transformed into certain vehicles or animals? And also I love these toys better than Gundam because of less accessories given there. I hate hand compartment, weapons that can’t be stored, or needed stand base to be posed. But that doesn’t mean TF Toys are without problems. Several also has storage problems, poseability problems, and most of all, very very fragile. Luckily I just display all of them through my toys cabinet and that’s about it. I don’t play them much even I have problems now that not enough space left to store them all.

If there is one toy left for me to collect, that would be Masterpiece Optimus Prime. I hope I get this ridiculously expensive toy soon. Yes, this is the ultimate toy for TF fans. Maybe if finally I buy this toy, my journey in collecting TF will be completed.

That’s my story of me and Transformers, thank you for reading it.