BIMA the Garuda Warrior Episode 3 Review

The story started with Ray had a terrible nightmare regarding his family. Something I have forgotten about this series because the backstory of this series is not exposed much (maybe saved for later plot development). Ray still in confusion whether to accept the task as Earth protector or not. Now the series introduced monster of the week called Lizarion monster and also we heard some informal speech (Apa lo? Rese’ lo!) to my surprise. The monster attacked one basketball athlete and then invade the sport hall to make Ray appeared on the scene “less than a minute”.

After some untransformed fighting scene, Rey transformed and we got a pretty dang good and impressive fighting scene between Bima versus the combatant and Lizarion monster in busway stop. I realized that the pace is still fast (retaining from previous episodes) but this series improved it a little bit. The Lizarion escaped and we got a scene where Ray scolded Rena for not helping her (a scene that will make Ray has more enemies called “JKT48 wota”). Luckily he apologized in the later scene. Still questioning himself about being Bima, he finally made up his mind, he will fight Vudo no matter what it costs. That’s cliche but I think the kids who watched this series will be happy.

Ray then learned from mere random internet page (more like Google search result page) that lizard weakness is the sun. Lizarion only attacked when the sun is covered by the cloud. Some may seen this ridiculous, but considering this series aimed for children, that scene makes the kids think about how to solve difficult problems. Well, that’s the formula of showa Kamen Rider exactly. And for me that means good.

As usual the fighting scenes (for the third time, that’s rare for a 20 minutes duration tokusatsu series) looks very good. Except, there’s one scene where a car suddenly passed both Bima and Lizarion and then gone without explanation. Ah, the last 1/4 portion of the series is edited badly. Also, I don’t see any differences between Bima Blue Storm and Bima Red Fire as finishers. Well, I hope they will explain it later.

Overall, the episode is good on its own. Still we have troubles such as lazy audio editing, stiff acting (but it’s getting better), unresolved scenes, or fast pace of plot. But I see the sign of improvement here and there and I expect more for the next episode.


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