Revoltech 019 Convoy / Optimus Prime

Transformers figure without transforming gimmick is a strange case. Without it, what is the best thing to offer? The answer is rather simple: good-range articulations!

In the past, G1 Optimus Prime or Convoy toys merely about conversion between truck mode and robot mode. While the truck is somehow accurate, the robot mode suffered poor articulations. The figure is not poseable, even almost a brick. Fortunately, toys mechanism developed greatly as we have Masterpiece Optimus Prime with great looking truck and poseable robot.

But, in a strange twist, previously there was a non-transforming Optimus Prime with satisfying articulations. It wasn’t Hasbro or Takara that created such great figure. Kaiyodo produced this as the 19th entry of their Revoltech figure, licensed by Takara, called Cybertron Commander Convoy.

This figure is amazing. Convoy is sculpted in a very good proportion. Convoy or Optimus Prime looks very very cool. Kaiyodo translated the greatness of Optimus Prime commanding Autobots with great details. There are so many possibilities posing this figure as it has Revoltech joints to accommodate the poseabilities.

This figure gives hand replacements for specific poses, ion blaster, and Matrix of Leadership. My only complain? It’s too bad they didn’t include energon axe as the accessory. Instead we have a useless Matrix of Leadership for no purposes at all. Also, it didn’t include any stand base which is actually necessary for such figure. Other than that, I am so happy to finally get this rare item. It was released in 2007 and I didn’t this figure back at that time when it was still cheap.

On a funny note, although this figure is very poseable, I love to pose him standing without much articulated movements there. I don’t know, I just love posing him this simple.

This figure is a must for Optimi collectors. Kaiyodo done the job well!


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  1. finally you got it!
    where did you get this baby?

  2. Somehow I managed to buy Revoltech set of Convoy, Megatron, and Hot Rodimus from TF Indonesia Marketplace. I only wanted Convoy/Optimus though, but having other figures with reasonable price is a great deal.

    PS: Megatron and Hot Rodimus are still on their boxes, I don’t know whether to open it or just re-sell it again -_-a

  3. So you have to buy all 3 of them? haha

    I don’t know, I think it’s better to sell them off in MISB state, since if you open them it’ll reduce the price and it will leave a bad taste opening figures that were meant to sell. I know I do.

  4. Note the words “reasonable price”. I got it loose, so it doesn’t really matter though…..XD

    But Megatron has better joints and Hot Rodimus includes stand base, oh my, I don’t know what to do (read: galau).

    Btw, thanks to you, your recommendation helps me to finally PO Figma Samus Aran. I really can’t wait this September ^^a

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