BIMA The Garuda Warrior Episode 2 Review

Continuing what was left from previous episode, the enemy, now called Topeng Besi (or Iron Mask) as Vudo’s chief commander, attacked Bima with his own blue power stone. Bima escaped and this commander returned to his flying ship. Now we have serious problem with this series. Whoever responsible for this matter, I have to say audio editing of this series sucks. At least they should have quality control before. I can’t catch up with several conversations, notably between Rasputin and Topeng Besi.

This episode slowly showed character developments such as Ray’s denial of the responsibility becoming Bima. Very typical archetypal pattern of superheroes narration. I really feel this series follows the pattern of Showa Kamen Rider. This is predictable because Indonesian audience is mostly familiar with Kamen Rider Black. Even I start to predict that there will be tensions and conflict between Ray and Randy just like mirroring Minami Kotaro and Akuzuki Nobuhiko. As a series heavily emphasized on fighting scenes, that kind of plot is acceptable.

As this episode itself, it’s full of actions scenes. We only have one melodramatic scene where Rena questioned Ray about Randy’s whereabouts. I don’t need to discuss the detail as the acting is very very stiff.

This episode fixes some problems we previously had in previous one. The pace is still fast but now plausible (unlike in episode 1 where everything seemed in rush mode). The actions scenes are very well choreographed without unnecessary jumps (common trick in most Indonesian silat series). But I am disappointed with Helios. As a dual-wielded sword, it came too fast (without explanation) and just appeared less than one minute. It was cool but felt underwhelmed.

Why I didn’t discuss much of the plot? It’s very simple and predictable, nothing much to complain yet nothing also to praise.


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