A Trip to Pamutusan Island

I am a geek, and heaven for me is just my own room full of action figures and toys I collect. I’m not a kind of person who loves traveling as I prefer to stay at home during holidays. After hectic days of finishing every assessments for last semester, I decided to join on a trip with my students for one day. They chose Pamutusan Island which I had no idea before. I know about Sikuai Island and a little bit about Pagang Island, I didn’t know that actually Pamutusan Island is near there.

(Sikuai beach)

Morning 9 AM, we started our trip from Bungus Teluk Kabung using a speed boat pulling banana boat we ride. This is the first time I experience such and it turned out to be great. We arrived at Sikuai Island first to experience extreme banana boat drifting. Well I didn’t survive any of that drifting. It’s fun but so exhausting.

(Pamutusan Island)

Then we continue to our real destination. At first they informed me earlier days before we would go to Pagang Island, but one of them said we decided to Pamutusan Island not Pagang as it’s already been commercialized and we would have more fun in Pamutusan. We have made the right decision as Pamutusan Island is better than Pagang. We went hiking and snorkeling there.

(another Pamutusan Island beach behind)

The view here is very very beautiful. Everything is still fresh, quite, calm, and peaceful. This is the feeling I want when having such trip.

(View from the top)

In short, I am so happy to join this trip. This is a nice experience to have. For those who wants to go to West Sumatra, this is a must place to visit.

*see more pictures from my Facebook album


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