Ryuuseishin Great-Lio (KO)

Seriously, I only watch Sazer-X episode 1 and episode 38 since I had no particular interest in this series at all. But one thing that memorable to me from the series was Great-Lio. A mecha based on lion with simple yet effective transformation/combination. I found this bootleg/knock off figure in my local department store with cheap price (around US $5).

This is a surprising knock off figure, aside from common issue we have from KO figure such as cheap plastic quality, lacking feature,  and wrong paintjob, Great-Lio actually retains almost everything from the original toy. The scale is good, proportional, and the biggest surprise I got from this one is that Great-Lio has great articulation points. Yes, the joints are very tight but it looks pretty darn good to be posed or displayed since the design itself is already a kind of mecha that I like.

This set consists of Lio-Carrier ship and a Core Calibur figure. For the Core Calibur figure itself, it is a humanoid fighter with good range of articulations so you can have decent pose. Unfortunately, Core Calibur can’t be transformed into spaceship (is it?) so I can’t be combined with Lio-Carrier. Still it can be folded as the core for X-Formation to create a Ryuuseishin (Shooting Star God). On a funny note, the name of this KO toy is “Superstar Heros” (yes, heros not heroes), maybe there is something that lost in translation (shooting star to superstar). Also, Core Calibur is less painted, very plain.

Combining them is very fun. I don’t need instruction manual at all because it’s so easy and predictable. But the tabs and the clips on this set are in good condition, which surprised me again. The plastic quality is very low but not fragile at all. It’s pretty solid. I have no problem in combining all of them.


Great-Lio deserves his name correctly, it’s great. It’s very proportional, not bulky or skinny at all. Kudos to Konami actually as they are the original maker of this toy. Even this KO toy retains everything in robot mode. We still have that Lio-javelin, twin short blades that hidden on waist’s javelin sheath.

For a KO figure, it worth more than its price. This offers more than I have expected, and that means good. I realize now that this KO is smaller than the original toy, which supposed to be the serious contender to that ‘bricky’ DX Sentai mecha toy. Though, the transformation or the combination is not inspiring at all, pretty predictable, not that complex,  and nothing new there. Still, this is knocked off figure and to think this set retains almost everything from the original makes me really really happy.


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