BIMA The Garuda Warrior, The Hype


A new superhero revealed recently to be aired June 2013 entitled BIMA Satria Garuda or BIMA the Garuda Warrior. This series is made by MNC Group together with Ishimori Pro, well-known for Kamen Rider, for 26 episodes with merchandises courtesy of Bandai.

Now this is a serious project, very promising, and a good sign for the development of Indonesian Superhero industries. And I have to be honest that I am so excited about this news. Although not the first Indonesian “live-action” (read: tokusatsu) technically, but overall receptions that I can sum are pretty well.

Their marketing strategies are in good track. Merchandises by Bandai and Stella from JKT48 are effective magnet to attract wide audiences. Judging from the design of BIMA itself, I must admit that it’s very cool. A mix of Ryuki, OOO Tajadol, Faiz & Kaixa, heavy influence of Kamen Rider from head to toe. Not using a belt as transforming device is a good decision to differentiate it from Kamen Rider.

I am so excited, I really hope this series will be well received and can expand the franchise further. I am not skeptical at all considering the good hype and Ishimori Pro’s involvement to this series. I think MNC now realize that buying series’ license of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai to be aired in here (Indonesia)  is not wise, instead they create their own production for Indonesian market. Good judgment there as the fans nowadays just download fansubbed version of them.

Let’s pray this series will be good as the hype we have today. I am also tempted to collect the toys too ^^a

BIMA The Garuda Warrior teaser




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