Bot Shots Optimus Prime Launcher

This figure is unique and it’s actually to be played for battle. You need to set two Both Shots figures on their launcher and hit each other until they transform into their robot mode and reveal symbols on their chest. Kinda paper-rock-scissor type but they use punch-blaster-sword.

Enough with mechanism of the play because I don’t buy this for that game, it’s because this figure is Optimus Prime.

This release includes trailer which resembles Star Convoy’s that can be transformed into a launcher for Bot Shots figure. The look of vehicle mode is very nice. Optimus Prime is always incomplete without a trailer and this one really works well. I like the design of both truck and trailer as they fit each other.

Optimus in vehicle mode without trailer attached is still looking cool, but I have to say I like Optimus better with his trailer. Just like Legend class G1 Optimus, this figure (and also its trailer) have fake wheels which are not a problem to me. Also the design of this truck mode is obviously deformed.

The trailer can be opened and transform into a launcher for any Bot Shots figures. This is the selling point of this release as the trailer really increase the value of Optimus Prime in his Bot Shots incarnation. The trailer can be transformed by simply pressing the rooftop blaster.

As other Bot Shots figures do have, this Optimus Prime has automorph gimmick by just hitting or touching the figure on some parts. It’s automatically transform. Well, that’s all actually. This figure doesn’t have articulations as the purpose is only for that rock-paper-scissors game. If only Hasbro put more love to him. I like his head sculpt though, since it’s very G1-esque. And he is cute, seriously cute.

If only, if only the trailer can be compatible with my Legend G1 Optimus Prime, that would be a great bonus because the trailer fits quite well with him.

Bot Shots Optimus Prime Launcher is a so-so figure to be collected. It’s cute but way too kiddy for some people just to avoid buying it. In my opinion it’s deserved to be collected as this figure has its own charm. Optimus Prime looks cool, the trailer looks great, and overall looks awesome. Yes I have some minor issues such as annoying automorph gimmick and loose spring-launcher mechanism, but not that much. This figure is still awesome.


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