Legend Class G1 Optimus Prime

This is 2012 release (not Reveal the Shield line-up) of Legend G1 Optimus Prime which also gives Motorbreath’s sword as accessory for this figure. Yes, this one is redeco of Motorbreath which also a redeco of previous Rts Legend Optimus Prime. Unlike that previous ugly, painful, worst, deluxe class G1 Optimus Prime I have reviewed, this figure heals my heart with its cute but powerful attire.

This is the truck that we are familiar with. Optimus Prime in his glorious red-blue truck, and looks very cool. Stays true to the truck mode we know. It has fake wheels which I don’t care but might be annoying for some people. Motorbreath’s sword can be attached at the roof of the vehicle though I find it useless.

Transforming this small figure is easy, less than five steps. And here he is, Optimus Prime!

I have two minor issues which are forgivable for a legend class figure. Optimus looks deformed, not that proportional but still it’s way too visible. The other issue is that this Optimus doesn’t have knee articulations at all. Hasbro could make it but I’m okay if he doesn’t have knee joints that make this figure less poseable. It’s ironic considering he has good ball joints on his shoulder and elbow. The rest after that is maximum satisfaction. I love this figure a lot. It’s simple, small, cute, but still retains the charisma of Autobots’ leader. I don’t use that sword for this figure because it’s not for Optimus. I don’t care that he is not that poseable, I love this figure no matter how flawed he is.

Still, this is Optimus Prime in a small size. I do wish some third parties could make trailer for him because he lacks of trailer to add more values. Other than that, I am so happy finally I got this figure after more than six month of online hunting. It’s cheap but valuable, a must figure to be collected by any Transformers fans.


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