Deluxe Class Classic G1 Optimus Prime

By far, I think this is the worst Optimus Prime figure I have, far worse than RiD Voyager Prime Optimus Prime. I bought this in loose condition, and judging from the mold, this is actually Classic line-up of Deluxe G1 Optimus Prime since the blaster’s color is black (not blue from Special Edition release). I have so many complaints from this figure as I feel this figure is made from hell. Indeed, my friend once told me to avoid this figure, and he was right.

Truck mode is ugly, very very very ugly! Even my knock-off Robot Masters Optimus Prime is much better than this one. I am speechless seeing how ugly the truck mode is.

Transforming this figure is easy as I don’t need instruction manual at all when transforming it for the first time. It has nice lock mechanism but I feel the progress is very plain, generic, and not challenging at all for a deluxe class figure.

This figure has “gangster gun” (Tommy gun ala gangster or mafia) which is not bad but not accurate with the show.

Optimus Prime in robot mode looks quite better after that painful truck mode. Coincidentally I feel it’s almost similar to my KO RM Optimus Prime. Very similar in physical resemblance although KO version is oversized. Head sculpt is pretty bad, far from Optimus we know. The swivel joint in his torso is way too loose (for spinning gimmick which also one of my complaints too) so I have difficulties posing this figure. I have no idea if there is a way to lock it but maybe it’s already broken (since I bought it loose). And that spinning gimmick is stupid as I never see Optimus doing that ridiculous spinning punch. I don’t want to cover that gimmick because I hate it so much. Also I hate the paint jobs for this figure. It’s done half-heartedly.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t execute great pose, its articulations are the best point as I have little to no problem at all posing this figure.

Oh my, this figure is bad and technically is not worth to be collected. Just for the sake of me as Optimus-fetish to complete my collection. This is the time when I should have that premium expensive Masterpiece Optimus Prime, but when I can afford to buy it?

After a twist of turn, somehow I managed to buy Masterpiece Optimus Prime ^^a


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