Micro Zords Engine Shogun Megazord

First, I hate High Octane Megazord or Engine Oh, because of my particular hatred to Engine Sentai Go-Onger. The most ridiculous Sentai and in my opinion everything in there is disastrous. But some people said that actually Power Rangers RPM is a good adaptation. It’s dark, very different from its Sentai counterpart. Too bad, I haven’t watched RPM yet.

Engine Shogun Megazord (or in Japan called Engine Dai-Shogun) is actually retooled version of Engine Oh with Samurai cosmetic and I have to say that this mecha is very good in design. Still we have that totem-kind of mecha but changing the attire into darker colors and samurai theme proved that Engine Shogun is not as bad as Engine Oh. Even better…

These are four zords from this set. Looks nice except for that shark/dolphin-thingy.

Combining this figure is very very easy.

This Micro Zords set is not released in US, but rather for Asian market. Strange decision I think. This set gives you four zords (3 actual zords and 1 strange non-existent zord that has nothing to do with the set at all)). Some parts are made from soft plastic which I hate. Nothing can be expected from this set except for combiner gimmick. All zords can be combined into Megazord complete with the sword and shield. As for the other zord (what kind of animal is that, I have no idea), either can be used as double swords or double blasters, is pretty useless. Its articulation is only on both hands, other than that it is a brick. On a plus side, the weapon can be stored at its back.

This figure is too small although I know the name of the line is Micro Zords. If only Bandai could make it a little bit bigger. This set is only for those who love RPM/Go-Onger or love Samurai theme mecha.


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