CFC Fun Meal Toys (Dinosaurus Dino Max KO)

I don’t know how to name this combiner. This so called “fun meal” gives you four set of dinosaurs that can transform into big robots and finally combine into even bigger robot. Yes, this is actually targeted for kids as this set is ridiculously simple, kiddies, and deformed. But this set is not bad at all, in fact, it offers great playability and very fun to play. As for me, a combiner-fetish,  this one is hard to resist.

This set consists of four dinosaurs which are Tyrannosaurus Rex (1), Triceratops (2), Brachiosaurus (labeled as Brontosaurus, 3), and Stegosaurus (4).

Their animal mode is quite good, very reminiscence of dinosaurs with their glories of the past. You can add extra parts to give them some kind of weapons.

The robot mode is just okay. Not bad, but I have to say not that good either. And this mode is not advertised from the meal at all. I found this mode because the design of two hands exist in every figures.

It’s time to combine!

Combining them into a big robot is not difficult at all. Even for first-timers, they will combine them without problems.

For this kiddie toy, the combined robot mode is actually very cool looking. It reminds me of RV Robo from Carranger. One complain from me, but probably my biased opinion that I love Super Sentai, I just don’t like the position. I don’t like T-Rex as the right foot at all because red is supposed to be the head or the body. Ah, the kids who love this figure will not care at all. And also there are so many parts that will be useless. So with extra ports on the body I just add them to make it even more menacing.

My impression is quite similar with Mugenbine Arch Tiger, it’s very fun figure to play. It’s so simple, has lot of gimmicks, and easy to assemble/transform/combine. It’s actually a partformers but it’s cool anyway.

It turns out that this figure is actually a simplified, knock-off version of Deformation Dinosaurs Dino Max by Marushin. More information about this figure can be seen here.


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