Cyberverse Beast Hunters Smokescreen

The final addition to Autobot Team in TF Prime (wait, what about Ultra Magnus?), and he is so lovable by messing up with others while he  is actually the ace that crucial to team itself.

Unlike others in team, Smokescreen actually falls into Beast Hunters line-up, and he is technically very different from previous releases. No more translucent plastic in his body and the weapon. Speaking of his weapon, he got this gun-chainsaw-blade thingy. Although it looks plain without color, but the design is very cool. Uhuk *Gears of War* uhuk uhuk.

His vehicle mode is a sport car that supposed to be in a circuit, but Smokescreen doesn’t care. His vehicle mode looks cool. I like it.  Very Le Mans-racing car type.

His transformation is easy but requires more steps than other Cyberverse legion figures. Still, a self-explanatory transformation.

His robot mode is okay. No joints on his elbow and his knee that disappoint me just like Bumblebee, so this figure has limited articulations.

The reason I bought this figure is, indeed, to complete my Autobot team from TF Prime series. As I follow Beast Hunters currently, I have to say that this series attracts me to Cyberverse even more. I don’t really care about deluxe or voyager or other gigantic sizes, but Cyberverse with all limitations still gives me this charm. And it looks real nice when they are together. Smokescreen is actually a good figure for this size, and not much I can complain. Indeed for a Cyberverse legion class figure, I think this figure is flawless.


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