Top Ten Sentai Mecha

This is purely fan based. As a Super Sentai fan, my highlight on this series is their mechas. But some are hit and some are miss. The following list is my top ten Sentai / Power Rangers mecha. It’s just my personal taste so expect something to argue. All photos are taken from various sources.

10. Timerobo Alpha / Time Force Megazord mode Red

It’s cool to have a triple changer mecha, two robots and one jet combination. The dark atmosphere of the series combined with futuristic design (hence the name future taskforce) make this Timerangers something they can depend on. But I prefer Timerobo Alpha. It’s red, symmetric, and proportional. The only miss from the design is the sword. Yeah I know it’s a gimmick of the sentai,but if only the designed the sword better.

9. Gokaioh

The combination is simple, but seriously a mindblown mecha to us. A galleon, a jet, a racing car, a trailer, and a submarine? But overall design of Gokaioh is pretty dang good. It is a pirate mecha after all. Gokaioh is one tough mecha that survived until the end of the series. My only complain, that matroska doll-esque!

8. Gaoking / Wild Force Megazord

You’re the king, you’re the king, you’re king!
Combination of five power animals, mostly inter-changeable, and sometimes six including GaoElephant. If I’am not mistaken, this Gaoking is the first ‘true’ present day animal combinations (Liveman to be noted). Gaoking stays true to it’s name, he is a King, a badass one. The only downside is the finishing move. Meh.

7. Dekaranger Robo / Delta Squad Megazord

Too much siren lamps around the body to retain the police gimmick, still one hell of a robot to destroy monsters. The design is quite bulky, but understandable because it is the combination of bulky machines. Thanks to the animatic 3D CGI, the movement looks smooth and contains all police actions done by this robot.

6. Great Five

The first five-piece combination in Sentai history, ever. Great Five is a fine example how everything is useful. Picking sword from the shield is very cool scene and the finishing move is with aura, deadliest to the max. Five piece gattai is cool, and that gimmick makes us want to buy the toys.

5. Gekitouja

The combination is inspired from Godsigma, and the design is superb. Three cats combined into a robot that master kenpo? The flexibility of the robot is fine, but the finishing move is not that good. Still, a kenpo robot with plausible combination is simple yet genius. The design helps this robot creating ever more badass combination called Gekirintouja.

4. Muteki Shogun / Shogun Megazord

Five small robots to become one big bulky robot (and, are they robots?). Quite slow in movement, but this mecha doesn’t need speed. It’s big, bulky, powerful, and dangerous. And is Muteki Shogun the first five robot gattai?

3. Dairenoh / Thunder Megazord

Technically confusing because the sentai is based on kungfu while the mecha is a samurai robot, complete with katana. But the Chinese dragon transformed into a robot and then combined into another big robot is mind blowing for that time.

2. Galaxy Mega / Astro Megazord

Simplicity at its finest. The combination is very simple, only one shuttle to become head and the rest to become the whole body. While other mechas mostly dominated with red colors, this blue spaceship-like is symmetric, sleek, badass, cool, and fine with the color of the sky. Kudos to the designer of the mecha, if only not because of personal taste, Galaxy Mega ultimately spots number one. Then why he is not, read my number one choice below.

1. Daizyujin / Dino Megazord

There are lot of reasons why this jerk spots number one on my list. He is a jerk in Zyuranger but adorable in Power Rangers. The animal combination is technically a miss because sabertooth tiger and mammoth are from different era, but who cares anyway. The design is perfect for me. This purely my personal choice considering I share a lot of memories with the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Luckily I already own the DX figure so my love is complete for Daizyujin.

Honorable mention: Magiking / Titan Megazord

Five mystical creatures to combine into big dragon and finally a rather bulky robot is not a bad idea. The wings on the back are very wide and large. Unfortunately the other ten mechas I mention above are superior than him in my opinion.


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