Mugenbine Arch Tiger (KO)

This is my second Mugenbine knock off figure (the first one is Mugen Ryuuoh, maybe I will review this in the future) and I found this figure in my local department store with affordable price. Speaking of Mugenbine (or infinite combinations), this figure is unique and challenging. Literally, I can’t count how many combinations I have created using this figure. The concept is genius and the value of playing this figure is very high. At first this figure might be confusing but hence the name, it offers nothing but infinite combinations.

This figure called Arch Tiger and falls into Engine series, rather giving us Mugenroid figure (the core figure to be combined with other parts), this figure gives us Mugen Engine with mechanism to rotate certain parts of the block. I find this is useless, but considering this figure is essentially for kids so that feature is neat. This figure consist of 9 parts and officially has three modes which are vehicle, animal, and robot mode. Isn’t that sweet? This is a knock-off so expect some flaws.

Its vehicle mode is absolutely fantastic. A cyber formula-type police car that wins my heart a lot. This is the reason why I bought this figure, its vehicle mode that matters. Using that Mugen Engine, the siren and tiger head parts can be rotated. Too bad, this knock-off has problem on it, it doesn’t work properly. Oh well, I don’t really care with that gimmick though.

Moving to animal mode, this one is a white tiger (byakko) which in my opinion is quite okay. Not as good as his vehicle mode, but that’s fine.

Its robot mode is definitely the weakest of all three forms. Only has shoulder articulation and the design is not proportional, almost a brick. It has shield, but I find it works properly as chest piece of robot mode.

The selling point of this figure is the ability to create configurations or combinations according to our taste. The limit is our creativity and the joints that available. Imagine Lego that deals with mecha, the result is this Mugenbine. I can create Jet mode and Command Base Mode, but I find them silly. Still, what a great idea to have unlimited combinations, I can’t stop playing with this figure.

Overall, this figure is great even though it is knocked off version. This figure has misplaced decals, poor paint job, fragile and loose pegs, and other usual KO problems. Still this figure is playable and offers lots and lots configurations. This figure is very good to be played by children to trigger their creativeness. Very recommended!

If you can find it, buy the original version. And for those wondering about this Arch Tiger or Mugenbine combination mechanism, watch the video below.


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