Legend Class HFTD Fireburst Optimus Prime

I bought this months ago but only this time finally I can review this tiny-winy figure. This is variant of original ROTF legend class Optimus Prime with dominant blue and white as primary colors, dubbed Fireburst Optimus Prime. I think this figure was made without enough love.

The vehicle mode, while retains Peterbilt truck, has strange proportion. I don’t know if there is a truck that has bigger front wheels. But it looks okay and we still can call it a truck.

Transforming this figure is easy, nothing much to say.

This robot mode is very bad, very uninspiring, and plainly simple. That’s why I think this figure is made without love. The design is ugly, not so Optimus Prime. Yeah I know it’s cheap and small so why Hasbro bothers to make more details. But still, this figure could be tweaked a little bit before they released it. Look at this figure, the articulation is very very very limited.

But that doesn’t mean this figure is boring, I can create horrible truck design just to satisfy myself from complaining this figure too much.

It’s not a bad figure as a whole, but really an easy pass.


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