Uchuu Keiji Gavan The Movie

Uchuu Keiji Gavan the Movie is the commemorative celebration of 30th anniversary of Metal Heroes. There are lot of issues to be noted from this movie.

Storywise, it is about Gavan’s successor (dubbed Gavan Type-G) facing his own personal problem with “for the sake of protecting the universe” as the ingredient. The story is somewhat very weak and cliche, confusing the audience whether it is for kids or technically for adult. While it is understandable that most of them are adult who enjoyed Gavan as their childhood superhero, both types of audience will find this movie seems made in a rush. Character’s development is very predictable, actions scenes are decent, and overused CGI ruin this movie’s charm.

The protagonist, Geki Jumonji, is not interesting at all. Nothing can be described from the character (hence bad acting from the actor himself). Retsu (original Gavan) only served as secondary character, no, maybe even can be considered as cameo. Sharivan and Shaider only appear less than five minutes, used as fans-service and nothing else. This is the worst Japanese superhero storyline that deals with love triangle after Kamen Rider the First. Even Gavan the Movie feels like repeating the same mistake as The First did in the past. They are superheroes that supposed to protect people (or in Uchuu Keji case, universe), instead audience were given ridiculous love twist that is just as predictable as the character development itself.

To make it worse, this movie lacks of nostalgic elements. Even Gokaiger vs Gavan did the job better than this movie.

This movie is very disappointing, there are lots to be desired. If only they did not make this movie in a rush, the result would be significantly different.

Score: 2 out of 5


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