Voyager Class TFTM Optimus Prime

I bought this figure together with TFTM Deluxe Bumblebee as set.

This figure is actually interesting if not for one major complain, it’s so fragile! I broke his right hand last November.

My fault, and that was a disaster for me at that time. Fortunately I found Ridho Bengkel Toys and he fixed my beloved Optimus. And now let’s go to the review.

This is Peterbilt truck and I find it is big and accurate. I just knew this when I saw Voyager DOTM Optimus Prime is quite smaller compared to this one. Big is beautiful, and it seems that I need to complete my collection with Leader class one, hahahaha. His vehicle mode stays true to the movie which means accurate to the original.

This vehicle mode has two interesting gimmicks. It has driver with hat (Peter Cullen, anyone?) which can be hidden when the door is opened. Also, the truck’s smokestacks (which are his blasters) can be moved into the front of the vehicle. Quite useless but still a nice addition. Yes, the blasters are spring guns so they can shoot.

Transforming this figure is simple but annoying. So many parts need careful attention as I stated earlier that this figure is fragile. As expected, the transformation is not show-accurate.

My figure has part missing from his body, and I just realized it 😦

This figure with all disturbing things I got (missing part, fragile, annoying transformation) is a good interpretation of Optimus Prime from the movie. It has fake windows and big kibble (front part and truck’s grill) at the back. But I have to say, this figure is impressive. Too bad, he is fragile.

He has good range of articulations actually, but I rather not to mess up even more. Maybe someday I will buy another TFTM Voyager Optimus Prime for the sake of completeness.


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