Deluxe Class Movie Bumblebee Comparison

Before I start the comparison, I want to tell the story of my TFTM Deluxe Bumblebee screwed up my life last November. I bought this figure together as set with Voyager TFTM Optimus Prime. While Optimus is fragile (I broke his right hand), Bumblebee got double left door. That was disaster until someone helped me to get the right door.

So now, let’s see the comparison

Ah Bumblebee, lovable character from the movie. He never got so much attention better than his movie incarnation. Sure his G1 is already huge, but his movie version brings a new whole level of Bumblebee we have known. His design as Chevrolet Camaro proved to be well accepted while it is controversial on its own. Starting from movie incarnation, Bumblebee is now a mute scout (a trait that being used again in TF Prime).

From the design each has its own charm. TFTM version is 2007 Concept Camaro while DOTM version is 2012 SS Camaro, and both are great. No complain because I love Chevrolet Camaro. But I have to say that DOTM version slightly better than TFTM in my opinion. I don’t know why but I am being biased here. Probably because I watched DOTM in 3D last 2011 and this Bumblebee wins my heart a lot.

Transforming both figures are not that easy although quite predictable. Nothing surprising here rather than automorph gimmick from TFTM version and solid conversion in DOTM version (yeah, for the sake of the kids who bought him).

The weapon? I have to say I like TFTM weapon so much. Blaster that convert into sharp blade? It’s much much better than stupid mechtech blaster. I love the design of mechtech blaster for DOTM Bumblebee, but the application is a failure, enough said. I have the same complain from TF Prime Voyager Optimus Prime, the weapon must be pressed and can’t stand still because there is no mechanism to hold the weapon in pressed position.

And yes, Mechtech weapon looks ugly when attached in vehicle mode.

Both figures are technically fantastic in their robot mode. Too bad, my TFTM Deluxe Bumblebee has strange paint job (or defect?) from the box. Yeah, I have to much problems with this figure since I bought it. He looks like a Terminator :p

In the end, I love both figures though DOTM line wins a lot for me. It takes months for me to finally got him considering it is quite rare to find DOTM Deluxe Bumblebee now in my country. I don’t know why Bumblebee is so difficult to find here, but indeed the figure is great, at least half of my question ins answered properly.


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