Deluxe Class RTS Optimus Prime

At first glance, I don’t like this figure at all. The paint job is ridiculous and colossal mess. Combination of red, black, white, and blue on this figure proves to be a disaster.

The design of the vehicle mode is passable. I’m not a fan of this kind of truck which I called “half-hearted Bayformers truck”. Sure it has reminiscence of movie Optimus Prime by Michael Bay. It’s okay but not cup of my tea.

But this figure surely wins my heart with its simplicity and impressive transformation. It is not easy but satisfying.

The robot mode is fantastic. The design is his robot mode really wins my heart a lot. The head sculpt while quite strange and lack of Optimus-esque head, but it is still Optimus Prime. I just feel this is still Optimus in a different sense. And the weapon is superb. It has silly name called hidden sword, but indeed it is hidden as part of trailer connector in vehicle mode. After I saw Takara version which is in blue translucent, I wonder why Hasbro gives yellow translucent instead. I think blue weapon is much better.

I love this figure, this is Optimus where he is not so Optimus.

This is the figure where I think I should find its add-on (Battle Tanker by Maketoys). The figure itself is already that great but I do wish for Battle Tanker add-on, even if it is only knock-off version. This figure is recommended but maybe not so appealing to some people. And I forgot something, “rub the sign” gimmick (hence the line: Reveal the Shield) is pretty useless. Mine has already shown Autobot insignia without rubbing it at all.


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