2013 Resolution

2012 was a great year for me, but not without problems.

On personal life, I finally have a girlfriend. Cheesy, but for a geek like me, it is still quite an achievement after ranting so loud regarding whom my future with. Academic matters also run smoothly and I really want to continue my study into doctoral degree. That will be my biggest challenge this year.

Last year also marked with a lot of changes in several aspects. It was unfortunate that I had to buy two laptops because the first one fell down when I was about to pray in a mosque. The motherboard was damaged and I had to buy a new one. Luckily it is still the same laptop. For those wondering, I am currently using Asus EEE PC 1215B. Another broken stuff and this time was my cell phone. Rest in peace for my Nokia 5530 during the mid-year for unknown cause. Fortunately I got myself Sony Xperia Miro as my girlfriend suggested me, although I had to wait almost six month to finally be able to afford one new cell phone.

From Acer to Asus, from Nokia to Sony. I never thought I finally change the brands I pick, well it can’t be helped.

Next regarding my hobby, figure collection. My interest drastically shifted from Gundam (particularly plastic model kit) into Transformers. Again, I don’t know why but at least I finally found several figures I like most. There’s one final wishlist left which is Masterpiece Optimus Prime. Too bad, it’s pretty expensive.

For 2013, as I mentioned above, I really want to continue my study to doctoral degree. That will be my biggest challenge of the year besides planning to have a serious future with my wife. I am 28 years old now and it’s not a weird thing for me to discuss about marriage. But that will need a lot of preparations. I just let it flow hoping without troubles ahead.

I am sorry to write blog rarely now. Transformers figures are very tempting, and my focus drift me more to figureview than other writing activities. Maybe, considering my WordPress is lack of varieties in content. And I really hope I can improve myself in photography. I do admit that my skill is far from perfection. I hope everything will be better and better as the time runs.


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- Lecturer - Blogger - Popular Culture Fan - Figure Collector - Model Kit enthusiast

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