Voyager Class TF Prime RiD Optimus Prime

This figure……… is bad!

The cyberverse version is the best on its league, but his voyager release, dubbed Robot in Disguise (Hasbro is getting and getting more confusing about their toys’ lineup), is bad. Even it could be the worst Optimus Prime figure I have. I know there was “First Edition” came before this, but it’s pretty dang expensive. I purchased this only because there was a discount on my local toy store, and this figure is the only target I had chased there.

One thing that I like from this figure that the window is not fake, it’s the same window from the car for his chest, albeit upside-down. Sometimes having kibbles or fake parts (wheels, windows, or other else) can be frustrating too. And although he does come with trailer port, he is not compatible with my DOTM trailer.

Transforming (or converting according to Hasbro who loves to call their product “converting a transformer”, blow your costumer even more) this figure is difficult. Not because of his transforming mechanism, but rather the feeling of transforming this one. I don’t know, I feel frustrated seeing parts by parts progress. It’s lame and boring, no satisfaction there.

The weapons suck. Rather giving the figure show accurate weapons, they give battle sword and blaster which has light gimmick. Oh my, I hate the blaster. If I feel the figure is okay, the blaster ruins everything. The gimmick is useless and there is no lock mechanism. You have to push and let it in order to unfold the blaster. That’s battery consuming, and screw it, it’s useless. The battle sword is okay but feels cheap, why don’t give us Star Saber instead, or just give the figure the correct weapons he uses in the series.

I am sorry that my review on this one is a little bit harsh. But yeah, the figure is bad. Poor Optimus Prime here, can’t live up the expectation of the character of the series well. Oh my, what a start for this new year.


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