Cyberverse TF Prime Cliffjumper

In order to complete my set of Autobot team, he must be picked.

He was only in action for one episode (other episodes either flashback or he became a zombie), but it’s memorable. Hey, he is voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the most electrifying man in all entertainment. He technically can lay the smackdown on Decepticons, but no, he is defeated and killed by Starscream, sadly.

His vehicle mode is cool, your standard muscle car at its finest.

His robot design stays true to the show. Something rarely happened in cyberverse lineup.

His cyberverse figure is great. He has knee joint and, to my surprise, elbow joint unlike other legion class figures I own. So his articulation is much better than others. And the transformation is simple and satisfying at the same time. The weapon is the same sword given to Rachet, so nothing new here. How ironic to find that the best articulated figure of cyberverse legion of TF Pime is the character who is already dead.


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