EZ-SP1 TF Prime Autobot Set

This is the easiest way to complete your set of Autobot team from Transformers Prime Cyberverse line. Known as EZ Collection in Japan, This set contains 2 commander class and 4 legion class figures which are Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Rachet, Arcee, Bumblebee, and surprisingly Wheeljack, instead of Cliffjumper. Yes, this set has its counterpart which is Decepticon Set and strangely contains Cliffjumper corrupted with dark energon. Too bad, I didn’t pick the second set because this one itself is already quite expensive. But far cheaper than buying them separately.

Six Autobots and they look nice. Well, it is always nice to have complete team (technically without Cliffjumper, luckily I have bought it separately), and with accurate paint job.

1. Optimus Prime

I thought this one was going to be the same, but no. This is Optimus Prime without mouthplate. I find it strange but that’s make my collection of Cyberverse Prime Optimus Prime (gee, try to say the name many times) different one to another.  I already reviewed Hasbro counterpart, and also I already have Nightwatch version (which is nowhere near night).

From the left, Nightwatch version (different color and has mouth sculpt instead of mouthplate). in the middle Optimus from this set, and to the right original Cyberverse version. You can differentiate them from their head. Nice decision from Takara to make Optimus from this set without mouthplate. Although the weapon remains the same, still having this Prime with accurate color but without mouthplate is a great touch.

2. Bulkhead

Nothing to complain, other than tight joint at the beginning. I believe his Cyberverse (or EZ) incarnation is much better than his Voyager counterpart. This figure has a translucent mace which is his signature weapon. Yes, I do not like translucent weapons, but oh well. Together with Optimus, he is a commander class figure from Cyberverse line. His articulation is as expected, limited but satisfying. And I think his vehicle mode is show-accurate.

3. Rachet

This one is from legion class, now we have articulation problem. Rachet is actually good, but limited articulation ruins it. I don’t know why between commander and legion, they also have to differentiate their figure’s articulations. I believe the weapon, a translucent blade, is similar to Cliffjumper’s weapon. Still, Rachet is simple to transform and quite nice to pose.

4. Bumblebee

This one blew. Bumblebee is a disappointing figure from this set. I hate the fact that he doesn’t have knee joint. His vehicle mode is cool, but his robot mode is the other way around. This one cannot live up his series’ counterpart as Autobot Team’s scout which is highlighted from his agility. He is almost a brick, a small painful brick.

5. Arcee

For legion scale, Arcee is the complete opposite of Bumblebee. Yes, she has kibble in her back, a big one. She is better in articulation and her transformation is complex but not that difficult. The blaster for Arcee is the same for Bumblebee. To be honest, her scale together with Bulkhead ruin the set’s realistic appearance in size. But the problem is already carried from the series, can’t help. I wish Hasbro or Takara included small rider figure (Jack) to accompany her vehicle mode. Motorcycle runs without a rider is creepy.

6. Wheeljack

Why it is not Cliffjumper is understandable, Wheeljack is crucial addition to the set. It is not Hyperspeed Whelljack with different paint job, it’s Wheeljack in correct color and correct weapon. I am amazed to find the fact that his transformation is almost identical to his deluxe figure.

The box includes background card which is their base to be posed with the figure, but I find it useless. Overall, this set is fantastic. Six Autobots have their own characteristics which are good (save for Bumblebee). Definitely worth buying it.


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