Deluxe Class TF Generations FoC Ultra Magnus

This figure is a retool from FoC Optimus Prime with new paint job, new head sculpt, and new sword that can be combined with his ion blaster. Overall this figure is good on its own. The color is great, much better applied to Ultra Magnus than Prime himself. And the reason why I bought this? It’s the weapon that matters, a lot!

I don’t talk much about the transformation because it’s the same, no more no less. But the highlight of this figure are his head, his color, and his sword. I am pretty sure that the sword is the same sword Optimus used during his final battle against Megatron on the game. But the red color of the sword is not matching the red color of Optimus. Still, the sword itself is that great and can be combined into bigger sword if the blaster attached. Other than that, it’s your basic Prime figure named Ultra Magnus. And yes, his design is different from the game. Sadly, Ultra Magnus is just a DLC character, not involved in the story at all.

If you already have FoC Optimus, maybe this figure is easy to pass. But the sword is very tempting. If you don’t have FoC Optimus yet, pick this one instead. Still, they look nice when they are together.


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