Deluxe Class TF Generations FoC Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime has gone remodelling again

This design appears on Fall of Cybertron games and very different from previous installment (War of Cybertron).

This figure is not too accurate with the game appearance, quite slimmer and proportional than bulkier design from the game.
The vehicle mode is great, but lack of truck-esque design. I find the design is more of a battle car than a truck. And that is not a bad thing considering the storyline of the game where they were in Cybertron. It’s cool and stay true to Prime’s vehicle mode
Transforming part of this figure is fun. No irritating parts during transformation, and still satisfying figure to transform.
The robot mode is also great. Proportional and poseable. Considering the design, you can pose this Optimus as you like it. So much dynamism in this figure, and he looks cool from every sides.
Yes, for a deluxe size he is too small. I don’t know what’s going on with Hasbro or Takara. Getting expensive on the price but getting smaller on the size. If only this figure is a little bit bigger, or why don’t they make it into Voyager class?
This figure is worth to buy, but put some considerations before that it has major issues from size to price. He looks nice, proportional, sleek, and retains the feel of Optimus Prime as we are familiar with.


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