Cyberverse Commander TF Prime Optimus Prime

This is my second Cyberverse figure, and still on the same character but in different universe.
One thing visible that I can complain that this figure is so plain. Optimus and two translucent blasters are just lazy compared to the previous Optimus Prime DOTM Cyberverses (both Battle Armored and normal).

The vehicle mode is good, as you expected from the series, but there’s a part that shows ball joint on the door, and if only Hasbro or Takara were not too lazy to fix that, we will have a great figure in small size. But other than that, the vehicle mode is acceptable.

To transform him is not that difficult. It’s not as accurate as the in the show, but what can you expect?

Now here comes the gem, Optimus Prime himself. For such small size, Optimus Prime has great show accuracy with appropriate proportions and articulations to sum up the action he can offer. The blasters can be combined and he is so poseable, reliving his action in the series. I’m OK with translucent plastic on his body considering this figure is already worth buying it.

No, this figure doesn’t give you Star Saber, that one in the picture is just taken from my bootleg Jet Icarus sword.

Buying this is a difficult choice considering the price. In Indonesia, this costs around 150-200 thousands rupiah (around US $14-18), and that is pricy. Try consider buying the fullset released by Takara (EZ Collection Transformers Prime SP-Set Team Autobot and Team Decepticon).


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