Voyager Class DOTM DA-03 Optimus Prime w/Mechtech Trailer

What Optimus Prime would be without a trailer? He is a truck in disguise, right?
This is TakaraTomy releases for Dark of The Moon movie toyline exclusive in Japan. American Hasbro counterpart only has Voyager Prime without the trailer (sold separately).

This figure is expensive, and I do admit the price is way too expensive for limited gimmick this one can offer.

Transformation-wise, it’s fun. It’s not that easy but also not that difficult. And the parts are not too tight, easier to transform. From a truck that roll on into a robot that battle, this figure is awesome.

The figure itself is your basic Prime movie. The design is slightly different from Hasbro counterpart. Now it has small tank that can be folded up on his back (no more hanging tank on the back). And has small paint job on his feet. The proportion is very good and nice-looking Prime there, although still with kibble window that hidden and fake wheels for no apparent reason at all.

The mechtech weapon is great, I do like it. The blaster can be transformed into Energon blade. I wish TakaraTomy sell this with two blasters, but still it’s better than having no weapon at all.

The trailer is an empty box only served as a mechtech weaponry base. Unless you collect other DOTM mechtech lineup, this trailer is pretty useless. Still, the main selling point is Optimus Prime with a trailer. You can put deluxe class figure inside the trailer, and nothing else to be talked. And yes, the trailer is not compatible with any Voyager classes Optimus Prime except DOTM line.

Is it worth buying?
Yes, this figure is very expensive that offer you little to none. But hey, he is Optimus Prime with good retooling, great weapon, and a trailer that quite useless but still you need it anyway.


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