DX Dino Megazord 2010

This was my wishlist for a long time before finally I got this on the right time and the right place.

The reason is simple, only for nostalgic purpose. If not because of childhood memories, I would not ever pick this one. Yes, no matter how cheesy and mess Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was, it always be in my heart as one hell TV show that I watched every week in the past.

The figure itself is actually a new mold, different from previous 1993 DX releases. It can be good and bad at the same time. The dinosaurs themselves look sleek, accurate proportion, accurate decals, and brighter plastic color (notably the Sabertooth Tiger). I never own the old version but I have watched several reviews about the comparison between both. But there are some hollow parts, and I find it disturbing. I know, cost efficiency is the only reason. No more chrome plastic or wheels gimmick.For me, that is not a big deal.

This figure is fantastic, and my biased judgement helped this. Not bulky, great proportion, accurate decals, and it is Megazord, the gigantic figure that served the justice of great childhood.

Finding this DX is a pain. The real price according to Bandai America was only $20 but now on eBay it costs more than $100. Rather because of its rarity, Saban-Disney dispute, or any other problems, it just went nuts. The price is skyrocketing.

More images can be found on my Flickr album.


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