Figure-Review Sites

I occasionally browse several websites that contain review of particular action figures, plastic model kits, memorabilia, and etc. This is important for those who want to buy the targetting figure whether the purchase will be worth money spend or not. The following links are several websites that I recommend to dig more about figure reviews.

1. Hacchaka

This website is easy to navigate although everything there is written in Japanese language. The site regularly reviews recent products that just available on the market.

2. Shishioh

Literally the site means “Lion King” (Shishi = lion, oh = king). Contains great photographic reviews from certain popular lines of action figures. And the photos here are actually in high resolution format, so be aware and have good connection to make the sites easily accessible.

3. Gamu Toys

Quite similar with Shishioh, various reviews from popular lines. Still, you need proper knowledge of Japanese language to navigate this site.


Again, quite similar with Shishioh or Gamu Toys, a good reference though.

5. ガンプラの山を崩せ (Gunpla no Yama o Kuzuse)

Better known as Schizophonic 9, this website focuses more on building, modifying, or costumizing Gundam plastic model. Several customized gunplas on this website are outstanding, although the website itself is very difficult to navigate because of strange arrangement of site and unclear categories available there.

6. Unoyo / Yo’s Toy Box

This site is unique, contains action figures not being reviewed by others such as candy toys, DX toys, and many more.

7. Dalong Gunpla

Looking no more about gunplas other than reviews from Dalong. It is in Korean language but it is very easy to navigate. Even the site gives option to change the name of gunplas into English. It contains very detailed review from runners into completed gunplas with stickers or decals. I believe that the website was made with full of passion about gunplas. This is a recommended website for those who want to buy gunpla.

8. Collection DX

One comprehensive figure review website available in English. The figure reviewed here are vary from several DX, Transformers figure, even model kits are also available. My only complain to this website is similar to Shishioh, it takes time to load one page of review. But the reviews are profesionally handed by those who understand the world we talked about.

9. 俺の趣味的日記 / Diary of My Hobby

I often browse this website because of various model kit reviews ranging from gunplas, miniplas, and several line up of action figures that worth looking.

10. Katsumix Minipla

This one is special for Minipla’s lover. Only contains review of recent miniplas released since 2002 (although several pictures are without detail reviews) but strangely, all miniplas in here are without stickers (marking seals, decals). With these naked miniplas, the reviews are straightforward and no nonsensical explanation. Even the language in this website will not be detectable for several computers / tablets.

11. 戦隊ミニプラ工作室 / Sentai Minipla Workshop

Only focus on customized miniplas, but in a cool sense. The name of the site already explains the content.

12. Ooebi’s Hobby Factory

This website is very good in handling toy reviews varied from Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, and even Transformers.

13. プラモ・フィギュア最新情報 GA Graphic / GA Graphic News Plastic Figures

This is a website for preview of several line-up that will be available on the market soon.

14. Hobby no Toriko

Another good website contains several top-notch customizations from favorite gunplas.

That’s all I can share for now. I will add more websites for references in the future, for those needed. Enjoy!


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